Shocking Video of HMP Wandsworth Prison: Female Guard Caught on Video Engaging in Private Activity with Inmate. I expect that most viewers would have heard by now about the video circulating online.

In which a female prison officer had S3x with an inmate at Wandsworth prison in London. I give a link to a news item about this in this article.

Shocking Video of HMP Wandsworth Prison: Female Guard Caught on Video Engaging in Private Activity with Inmate:

Any normal person would realize that although some police officers and prison guards need to be women. One must use a certain amount of common sense about the business of female guards in a women’s prison.


Certainly having women working as prison officers in a place like Wandsworth where there is no end of frustrated aggressive and S3x stared young men might not be quite so sensible.

HMP Wandsworth female guard
HMP Wandsworth female guard

Might some of those women be flattered by the attention and start a fair with some man or other almost certainly there was a time when prison guards like police officers were recruited a lot from ex-military types able to maintain order.

Just what you want really when there are hundreds of young criminals cooped up would women be as likely to receive as much respect as a tough former Soldier?

It’s not likely it still these days every public service aims to reflect the community they serve and since half of that community are women.

Surely that means that half the police officers and prison guards will have to be women as well the question which puzzles me is a simple one.

Watch Lily Lang’s Video

How is it that we normal people can see what a truly terrible idea this is while all those in government advised by a host of academics and ideologues are seemingly oblivious to it?

And always seem taken back when the obvious consequences of such a mad policy jump up and bite them.

It almost seems as though some of those shaping policies in this country don’t have any common sense but I’m very reluctant to believe that this is the case. Follow us on Facebook to find more updates on this topic.

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