Who was the Texas Allen Outlet Mall Shooter? Here’s what we know about the Allen suspect. Investigators do have to keep two big questions on their minds tonight. Who was that shooter and what was the potential motive?

Right now, sources are telling WFA they believe they do know the answer to one of those questions.

Who was the Texas Allen Outlet Mall Shooter? Here’s what we know about the Allen suspect:

Senior Crime and Justice reporter Rebecca Lopez is live at a separate scene in Dallas now with exclusive information for us tonight.


Just a little while ago there were FBI agents inside this home. Dallas police surround it. Sources tell us that they believe this is where the suspected shooter lived with his parents.

They have been questioning the family since a little while ago they had asked for a translator.

Now neighbours say that they saw the FBI agents show up about a few hours ago and of course, they had been here ever since.

They just pulled out some evidence that they took in boxes. They tell us the suspected shooter is in his 30s and has lived here for as long as anyone can recall.

Allen Premium Outlets Texas Mall Shooting Video

They tell us he drives a Gray charger and was always parked in front of the home, except for the last few months.

They did notice that maybe he was not around and might have moved out. Neighbours say they don’t recall any police activity here or problems now.

Dallas-area mall shooting
Allen Premium Outlets Shooting: 8 victims killed, 7 injured; shooter ‘neutralized’

We’re not releasing his name right now because it has not been officially confirmed, but neighbours say the suspect always wore some kind of security guard uniform, although no one saw him with a weapon.

They say he was very quiet, would often walk up and down the street wearing some kind of hoodie, and also just not really talk to Anybody.

They said he had very unusual behaviour. They will likely spend many days going through that evidence trying to determine what happened.

Multiple sources told that they are not quite sure at this point what the motive was, even after speaking with the family.

And again, we asked if there had been any calls for service here at this home. But they tell us that the Dallas police computers have been down because of ransomware this week.

So they’ve not been able to confirm whether or not they had been here before. But again, neighbours say that.

The suspect was very quiet and kept to himself. But they believe that he was very had very unusual behaviour and sometimes dressed in Gothic where and kind of stayed to himself.

Theresa, that’s what we know at this point. Of course, we’ll keep looking into his background to see what more we can find out about why this happened.  Follow us on Facebook for more details.

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