MC Mirella video with another girl is getting viral today. Mirella receives a Greek kiss during a game at On Vacation With Ex-Fazenda, Mirella has starred in the hottest scenes of the VIP edition of MTV’s reality show. MC Mirella shows off with a tiny piece and leaves part-out.

MC Mirella Video – MC Mirella de ferias com o ex twitter video:

MC Mirella returned to star in hot scenes in De Férias com o Ex Caribe: Salseiro VIP. In the most recent episode of reality, the funk artist received a Greek kiss during a dynamic with the other participants.

The couple had already stayed in another moment of reality and, in the new episode, decided to take another step.


When the tablet rang giving the opportunity to choose someone for the love corner, the singer tried to create suspense.

She appears in the video questioning colleagues about who would be interested in accompanying her.

The new season of the reality show will air Tuesdays and Thursdays on MTV, and will also be available on Paramount.

MC Mirella shows off with a tiny piece and leaves part out:

The scene soon went viral on social media and divided opinions.

“Perfect Mirella, enjoyed everything,” said one person.

“This program is a b!tch”, criticized another.

it couldn’t be otherwise, the episode served a lot of making out and, of course, confusion.

MC Mirella vents after exp0sure to a fight between her mother and Dynho:

On Vacation with the Ex”, MC Mirella and Will Guimarães go to the master suite. The couple decided to take a step further in their relationship during the last episode of the reality show.

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Watch MC Mirella Viral video:

Mirella had already caused it last week, after a night of a lot of private acts in the Master Suite of the program with Will. In another episode in which she stood out, the singer performed an 0ral act on Luana Targino in front of the other participants.

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