The Sketch and Bandi Leaks: Why Sketch is Trending on X? Controversy Explained. Well, this is awkward Let’s talk about some crazy news. So recently overnight over on Twitter, it looks like Sketch.

On Twitter sketch went trending for all of the wrong reasons no guys it’s not allegations no Guys Sketch is not racist and no he hasn’t said homophobic slurs.

Because recently on Twitter some leaks went viral and they went trending exp0sing some things that you guys might not even believe.


The Sketch and Bandi Leaks: Why Sketch is Trending on X? Controversy Explained

Streamer Sketch is being accused of being an alleged G@y only. fans Creator before his fame.

Sketch has ever done and I just wanted to preface this with I don’t know if 100% this is sketch but I mean from what I’ve seen so far it’s kind of close like really close.

Sketch with Bandi
Sketch with Bandi

Who is Sketch?

If you guys know who Sketch is he’s a streamer and he’s quite popular if you haven’t watched him. Kylie Cox, known online as Sketch or TheSketchReal, is an American Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and player of Madden NFL, an American football sports video game series.

He is well known for his catchphrase, “What’s up, brother?”, which went viral and became a trend on the short-form video platform TikTok.

Why Sketch and Bandi are Trending on X?

We have some pictures that look somewhat like Sketch. So I don’t know this clip of sketch and JY is not aging very well.

By the way, jinxy dating the girls Sketch making G@y corn I know who my goat streamer is I mean I saw Queso there.

Now I am going to lie sketch gets exp0sed the internet. And it looks like we have pla booy Max and FaZe Lacy defend sketch.

After allegations of him having an off were spread on X these claims have yet to be proven yeah that is true.

Someone who made a bunch of you guys laugh and have a good time for you to go but it’s not 100% confirmed if it’s Sketch.

Of course but I mean when something like that comes out I don’t see why a lot of people like that have an issue unless they are just blandly homophobic there.

At this point, we’re going to have to wait and see if Sketch Like responds to this and you know either denies it or I mean honestly just doesn’t say anything at all.

Or you know says that he was behind this for the longest time or whatever I mean we just have to wait at this point.

Is Sketch Video fake?

The videos are out there now and this is kind of crazy now once again it’s not 100% confirmed whether this is Sketch or not.

I mean some similar people walk the streets all over the place, especially on the internet and it really wouldn’t surprise me.

If they just happen to be like this guy who looked like Sketch and was doing the G@y only, fans thing.

But it turns out that is not sketch and he was framed essentially but at the same time I mean it also could be him.

Watch Sydney Sweeney’s Video

Online users are going to meme the video and it’s going to be all over Twitter but besides that, I don’t think anybody should be against sketch.

Because oh he might potentially be G@y or something might be doing like this thing. So people should not turn against him for something as stupid as that for something that most likely does not affect his fans.

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