Wtfportland1 Twitter videos are getting the attention of many nitezens. Wtf portland is uploading different fight and NSFW videos. Many people are curious to watch his content. Let’s find out about the recordings he posted on Twitter.

Wtfportland1 Twitter videos – Why Wtfportland Twitter is Trending?

Wtfportland shared a few crazy recordings on his Twitter handler and online users raced to Twitter to discover who the indicated Twitter client is and which video she shared on Twitter.

Notwithstanding, the recordings, posted by him, are getting a ton of views. That’s why he has become a web sensation.


Who is Wtfportland on Twitter?

Wtfportland on Twitter page is currently trending on Google because of the material he has posted on his Twitter handler. And people are reacting to the video posted on her Twitter page.

Wtfportland is uploading everything about Portland. Videos that make you say “wtf. He offered his followers DM if they need any type of video content.

The Twitter web page was created in December 2021. He has acquired 20.2K followers until now but he is not following any account yet. Wtfportland has Tweeted 153 videos and photos on his Twitter handler.

In one of his videos, a woman and a man are arguing and @busing each other meanwhile they stopped and told their issue to the car driver who is the one recording all of this situation. He has pinned this Tweet as part 1.

Watch the video, underneath.

Another video of the Wtfportland Twitter page shows two young girls quarrelling on the street. While people around them are enjoying the fight. Watch The second video of Wtfportland on his Twitter page.

His account title is,


His account description is,

Everything Portland. Videos that make you say “wtf” Tag us to be featured. Want a shoutout or got a video? DM us. Our Instagram has 1000+ videos – wtfportland

Wtfportland Instagram:

Wtfportland Instagram has 1000+ videos. He has 108K followers after posting 129 photos and videos.


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