Russian soldier Alexey Bychkov video of molesting an innocent child is going viral today. Even though its a very shameful act, but still many netizens are searching for this video on Google and other social media platforms.

Russian soldier Alexey Bychkov Video Molesting a 1-Year-Old Toddler Went Viral on Twitter and Telegram:

A Russian soldier Alexey Bychkov was detained on Saturday, for recording a video of himself s3xu@lly abusing a baby.

The Russian soldier video is circulating on the internet, especially on Twitter. And it is said that it’s not his one case but he has many other cases with infant babies.


The news was also shared on Russian media and people are really angry on this monster for his filthy act.

What is Alexey Bychkov Toddler Video?

According to the reports, a Russian soldier molested 1 year old toddler in Ukraine. He films himself and posts the video on Telegram.

However, as it violates the community guidelines of Twitter, we suppose, it will be deleted soon. On Reddit, it is easy to spread such pieces as it is a platform for inappropriate content.

The video of the baby r@pe is removed to protect the child, but you can see here the photo of this monster.


Here is more info on the Russian soldier from Stavropol who r@pped a 1 year old baby and filmed himself, then posted the video on Telegram. His name is Alexey Bychkov. His address is Pobedy Street 22/1, Afipsky, Krasnodar region.

As per reports, he shared the video with his friends on Telegram and it is said that he personally shared this purported video. Then the video was spread all over the internet. He uploaded this video on D@rk web to earn. Now this monster has been arrested.

Who is Aleksey Bychkov?

As per the sources, Aleksey Bychkov is a solder of the Russian Federation from Stavropol. Aleksey was born on May 1, 1997, and is currently 24 years old.

he got his driving license on 8th October 2015 and is currently living in Krasnodar Territory.
Apart from his job in the military, there is nothing known about his career and educational background.

The news of Alexey Bychkov being arrested is yet to surface on the internet. What he did is a crime that surely deserves life imprisonment or the death penalty and people are waiting for the information to be broken on it.

Aleksey Bychkov Video:

Many people are still curious to watch Alexey video but due to the sensitive content we are unable to post it here, you can visit this link.

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If any additional Bychkov information arrives, TodayPakWeb will update this post.

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