This week, Instagram will launch the first version of subscriptions. Subscriptions are here to help creators earn recurring monthly income on Instagram.

Subscriptions are becoming a new option for Instagram creators to make money on the network.

First Version of Instagram Subscription Will be Launched This Week in the US:

For the time being, only a small number of influencers in the United States have access to the function as Instagram continues to test it.


In 2022, Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, says the business will focus on making its app better for both teens and creators, and the subscription launch will benefit creators.

How will the First Instagram Subscriptions Work?

Because creators “do what they do” for a living, Mosseri believes it was critical for Instagram to provide a predictable way for them to monetize their work.

Mosseri claims that recurring subscriptions, which are not tied to the reach of any particular post, are one of the best ways to have predictable income (the latter of which inevitably goes up and down over time).

Instagram launches early test of creator subscriptions in the US:

“This first version [of subscriptions] is a test here in the United States with a relatively small number of creators, and three major integrations,” Mosseri explains.

The first is Subscribe Stories, which will allow Instagram producers to go live exclusively for their followers. The stories that are only available to subscribers will have a purple ring around them.

The second option is “Subscriber Lives,” which is identical to the first and allows you to “go live” just to a certain group of subscribers.

Finally, Subscriber Badges are designed to highlight interactions with paying subscribers and appear next to a subscriber’s comments or messages to a content producer.

“Over time we hope to expand these features because it’s important that subscriptions are integrated throughout the entire Instagram experience,” Mosseri says.

He continued,

“We also believe that creators should own their relationships with their subscribers. So we are working on ways that creators can take their subscriber list and bring them off Instagram to other apps and websites built by other companies.”

Who Can Get An Instagram Subscription?

During the test phase, Instagram Subscriptions is only available to a small number of US creators.

Over the next few months, Instagram intends to open up access to more producers.
Actors and influencers are currently on the list of alpha creators:

@alanchikinchow; basketball player

@sedona._; astrologer

@alizakelly; dancer/actress/model

@kelseylynncook; digital creator

@elliottnorris; Olympic silver medalist

@jordanchiles; gymnast and creator

@jackjerry; spiritual coach and artist

@bunnymichael; XR creator

@donalleniii; and digital creator


Instagram Subscription Income Generation Hints:

Creators can set their own pricing for access to their exclusive content using the Subscriptions product.

Depending on how much a creator believes their content is worth, there are eight price tiers to choose from, ranging from $0.99 per month to $99.99 per month.

Most authors will likely start at the low end of that range, with prices as low as $0.99, $1.99, $2.99, $4.99, or even $9.99 per month, before moving up to $19.99, $49.99, or $99.99 per month.

Subscriber badges, which will also be PURPLE, will help fans stand out in public content comments and in authors’ message request folders in the inbox.

The amount of activity in this area reflects the market’s size. The creative economy is worth a little more than $100 billion, and it’s expanding.

Even if Instagram (and Facebook) postpone collecting their cut of creative transactions for a year, Meta sees it as a minor price to pay for a bigger slice of the pie in the future.

Stay with us because we’re looking forward to sharing more information with you in the coming days.

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