It Became Possible To Turn Ordinary Glasses Into Night Vision And See. In the present era, thanks to science and technology, new inventions are emerging which have made daily life easier.

It Became Possible to Turn Ordinary Glasses Into Night Vision And See:

According to social media reports, Dr Rishiko Machomoral of the Australian National University has made this important invention easier for many people.

According to the report, Dr Ratio Kama Chomoral has created a thin layer to introduce completely new technology to give night vision to ordinary spectacles and the light can be filtered by pasting it directly on any glass.


It is now possible to turn ordinary glasses into night vision.

According to the report, this technology requires only an additional laser that converts infrared light into images and the wearer can see the surrounding scenes.

It is worth mentioning here that this thin membrane has been made after many years of hard work.

The technology uses particles hundreds of times thinner than a human hair that converts infrared light into normal-looking photons. In this way, man can see clearly even in the darkness of night.

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