Ice Spice Lea*ked Twitter Video has grabbed the attention of many only users. In case you’re questioning what video we’re speaking about, it’s the ice Spice video, which has been seen by thousands of netizens.

Watch Drake and Ice Spice Lea*ked Twitter Video – Munch Icespice Video is Viral on Social Media

Bronx rapper Ice Spice is once more with a video for her new single, Munch (Feelin’ U). It’s a follow-up to “Nonsense” and “The Determine of Love.”


When saying the one’s launch date, she shared a screenshot from Drake’s apparent DM:

“It was intriguing after I carried out it on our radio current, and in addition, you’re onerous on the radar freestyle.” View the “Munch” video beneath.

Watch the Original Drake and Drake and Munch ice spice Twitter video by following this link. (Warning: NSFW content).

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