Madison Beer videos viral on Social Media when she was a minor. Madison Beer has said that being blackmailed with private photos left her contemplating suicide, and caused her to suffer PTSD and paranoia.

The model and singer shot to fame in 2012, when pop star Justin Bieber posted a link to one of her covers on Youtube. She is set to release her “tell-all” memoir, The Half of It, next week.

Beer made the disclosure in the latest episode of Call Her Daddy, hosted by Alex Cooper, as the pair discussed slut-shaming, red flags, abandonment issues, and the impact of abusive comments on socials.


Madison Beer videos viral on Social Media when she was a minor

Two weeks after the initial leak, she claims she was blackmailed.

“I got an anonymous text, literally like I was in f****** Pretty Little Liars, that was a picture of a computer screen with 50 videos on it.”

“I felt that everyone on the f****** face of this earth would [rather] me dead.”

Madison Beer felt “powerless” and struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder after several of her n*de videos were shared online when she was 15 years old.

“I was so disturbed by it and so afraid. I felt so unsafe and just, like, scared,” the “Melodies” singer recalled on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast Wednesday.

“That image will never leave my head – I felt so disturbed by it.”

The videos, which she said were sent to someone close to her on Snapchat over a period of years, were published on the internet without her consent, leaving her feeling powerless and ashamed.


Despite feeling paranoid about how the content had been obtained, Beer told Cooper: “For anyone who’s like ‘that’s a lot of videos,’ I was a young horny kid [who] sent videos to a guy that I liked and I’m not going to let anyone shame me for it.”

Before she knew it, the former YouTuber was at dance rehearsals when she saw one of her videos on Twitter.

After the first video was released when she was 15, Beer was desperate to control its spread and obsessively searched her name on Twitter.

“Every dollar I’d earned up until this point, I then spent on clearing this and scrubbing it from the internet,” she said.

Beer explained that this included trawling through websites and forums herself to find links, which she would send to her hired “web sheriff”, for removal.

“Just because you’re able to talk about it and hopefully help other people doesn’t mean that anyone nor myself should have gone through these things,” she added.

The “Blackmailed with my N*des” episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast is available on all streaming platforms.

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