Rapper and songwriter Kevin Gates Instagram story has left the internet stunned after sharing a live NSFW (Not Safe For Work) video. You know sometimes in life you just don’t want to know some stuff and you know when they say don’t look it’s something you still have to look at.

It like it’s almost like human nature to be like hey man that’s hot don’t touch that and do not check Kevin Gates’s Instagram story.

Online users are curious to watch Kevin’s story and also want to know the story behind this video. You are on the right platform.


Watch Kevin Gates Childbirth Video  – Kevin Gates Instagram story Video leaves internet horrified:

So if you want to know what it is because that’s all it is. It’s literally a woman having a natural birth in a room that seems to be supervised by a doctor.

but it’s shocking not knowing what it is and I’m gonna say this right now like it should have been like there was no warning.

It didn’t say no “If you’re 18 do you want to view this” It was nothing it was literally Kevin Gates. But we’re gonna check Twitter’s reaction to how everybody’s feeling.

I’m assuming it’s a woman giving birth because I saw Harry kept I was just like you know I don’t even want to guess if it’s not a baby.

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One Twitter user said,

I didn’t even want to guess the extreme of why Kevin Gates it’s natural birth.

Another user said,

I literally said I’m done with the internet today because of this because I’m done I’m done I pretty much died.

I would say that you can’t go don’t watch it like that is the strike one that is gonna make everybody click on it.

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I just wanted to give you a quick reaction today because I literally just saw that and uh yeah don’t look at Kevin Gates’s IG Story please this is an official warning.

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Please don’t it is something that you don’t lead in your life you’ve probably seen once in Hell’s class and were like that’s enough and I’m gonna tell you right now it’s enough peace love is so about you. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

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