So today we are going to know about the top 10 Crypto to Invest in 2023 for the long term. Right now is the absolute best time to make life-changing amounts of income inside of the cryptocurrency bearer market.

Top 10 Crypto to Invest in 2023 for the Long Term:

Guys, I am going to be showing you guys the Top 10 Cryptos you should consider adding to your portfolio right now.

So don’t miss out and make sure to stay until the very end because we are going to start off with some very safe crypto assets.


And then I will tell you cryptos that have more than 100x potential which leads me to my very first crypto on today’s list which is a Polygon.

1. Polygon Cryptocurrency:

Polygon Cryptocurrency is a layer 2 blockchain that vastly reduced the cost of transactions on the second largest blockchain that currently exists which is Ethereum.

So naturally, thousands of developers are already building on Polygon which makes it a very large market-cap cryptocurrency.

But don’t let that fool you because Polygon is constantly expanding at a faster rate than most other Blue Chip cryptocurrencies.

Meaning that it still has a ton of untapped potential furthermore if you are a holder of polygon or Matic.

You can stake that for Passive rewards which gives you a massive edge over many other crypto coins. That is currently out there because it works on a decentralized platform.

If you are holding and staking Matic points you can participate in different governance votes for the future of the chain as well.

This gives you a say in what it looks like down the road Polygon has some amazing Partnerships including the National Football League Starbucks, Adidas and Prada, The Walt, Disney Company, meta and many more.

2. Chainlink Crypto:

Chainlink is a decentralized blockchain oracle network built on Ethereum. The network is intended to be used to facilitate the transfer of tamper-proof data from off-chain sources to on-chain smart contracts.

Chainlink a Global Network of computers to provide reliable real-world data to Smart contracts running on top of the blockchain.

Understanding this is an extremely complex look at it this way chain link services all blockchains that utilize smart contracts.

Which is virtually all of them meaning this is a multi-billion dollar company. Already with literally untapped potential as of right now chain link has a 3.7 billion dollar market cap.

But many experts believe that this market cap is going to 3x in the next 12 months during the next Bull cycle.

Meaning that chain link most likely will be an investment where you can three extra money.

Now we’re going to be talking about cryptos that have higher potential but also a little bit higher reward as well in our first one on the list Bone Crypto.

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3. Bone Crypto:

Bone Crypto is going to be the gas token for Shibarium which is Shiba Inu coin’s new layer 2 blockchain and millions of people are gonna need to pick this up.

Because as of right now there are millions of Shiba Inu coin holders if every single Shiba Inu coin holder picks up a bone.

Because they are looking to interact with Shiba Inu’s new layer 2 blockchain that alone will cause Bone to have more than 10x potential.

But many experts believe that Bone actually has 100x potential in the long term it stands.

Right now Bone has a market cap of 400 million US dollars but in the event that it gets millions of new holders and all of them even buy just half of their Shiba Inu coin Holdings.

Well, it most likely will have a market cap of anywhere from 5 to 10 billion dollars during the next Bull cycle. This means in the next three to four months it could literally 10x.

4. Shiba Inu coin:

Shiba Inu coin is also gonna have a massive growth potential when Shibarium is launched incredibly soon.

The elite developers behind Shiba Inu and Shibarium have said that every single Shibarium transaction is going to burn a Shiba Inu coin.

Meaning that it’s going to become hyper-deflate stationery and have explosive growth potential in the short term.

According to many experts in the first 12 months of the Shibarium launch about 90 trillion, Shiba inu coins can be burned.

When you factor in the validators who are going to be burning Shiba Inu coin and of course all of the Shibarium burns.

And then all the new developers will be providing applications that will burn even more Shiba Inu coin on top of all of that.

If we burn 90 trillion Shiba Inu coins it could have upwards of 100x Potential from its current prices and speaking of hyper deflationary crypto assets.

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5. Terra Luna Classic Crypto:

Terra Luna classic crypto just landed a massive partnership with Binance to burn billions of Terra Luna classic coins every single month.

Finance has said that they’re going to be burning 50 of all of their exchange fees across their entire exchange. Meaning that billions of Terra Luna classics will be burned from them.

Furthermore, all Terra Luna classic crypto transactions on their entire blockchain are also being burned on top of that.

Meaning that inside a 12-month period, we could quite literally get rid of 50 of the total Terra Luna classic supply.

And if we look at how Terror Luna classic has performed during this bear Market it is absolutely incredible and it has a lot more potential in the short term.

So you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity and now we’re going to talk about crypto coins that have even more potential than the previous ones.

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6. Velas Crypto:

Velas crypto has three main components there’s the EVM which is the fastest and most accessible blockchain to Taylor smart contracts and build apps.

Then we have a Velas EBPF which is the fastest and most accessible L1 blockchain to Taylor smart contracts and build apps.

Finally, we have green carbon which is a carbon-neutral blockchain based on an energy-efficient Depots mechanism.

Which is futures safe based on regulations Velas has transaction fees that are at a fraction of a single Cent.

It has a 1.2-second transaction finality which is faster than all other blockchains and it can transact more than 50 000 different transactions every single second.

Furthermore, they have an absolutely amazing Builder program that incentivizes new app developers to build on their chains starting right now.

This means that they have explosive growth with all of this new coming utility and as it stands right now Velas has a 52 million dollar market cap.

Meaning that it has more than 100 x potential if it starts getting mainstream adoption anything like any of the other Blue Chip cryptos that it greatly outperforms.

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7. UFO gaming coin:

UFO gaming is an amazing NFT gaming metaverse environment that is completely untapped and has more than 1000xp potential.

UFO gaming has three main components which are it’s a metaverse then it’s Esports and of course, it’s a UFO game.

So they actually create on top of all of that and considering that NFT gaming is the largest growth Vector out of any other crypto industry.

At this current time, this one is a gem UFO gaming is already hosting large-scale Esports tournaments and they have their own Esports team.

Which is performing exceptionally well as of right now it’s extremely easy to get involved in their ecosystem by simply purchasing their token and speaking of amazing metaverses.

8. Everdome Coin:

Everdome coin is the digital Frontiers’ first hyperrealistic metaverse and these Graphics are absolutely mind-blowing.

Everdome’s goal is to provide an opportunity for everyone who is interested in a very real to life version of the actual metaverse itself.

And as you can see it’s doing just that there are many key parts of their metaverse but they have land ownership a marketplace with transactions.

And they have a number of different product placements and advertising to ensure that their entire ecosystem is going to generate a ton of Revenue.

This is going to benefit all of the holders of their coin and currently, Everdome has a market cap of only 40 million dollars.

And we have seen metaverses like this grow to upwards of 10 billion dollars in market cap during bull cycles. Meaning that it has pretty much 100x potential as of right now.

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9. Gaines Network:

Gaines network is an Innovative D5 ecosystem of products on a Polygon and Arbitrum. Two amazing blockchains and at the core of all of their products they focus on deflationary tokens.

This means over time these coins are going to go up in price assuming people continue using them.

It is extremely likely they also have a number of amazing deeply integrated nfts with unique ecosystems that are part of each one of them.

And awesome staking pools that will earn you guys amazing rewards if you are holding their coins they also boast some absolutely incredible Cutting Edge Products like g-trade.

Which is a decentralized leveraged trading platform that you are going to want to have to try out as it stands. Right now games network has less than a 10 million dollar market cap.

10. Energy Web Token:

Energy Web crypto is an open source web3 technology that helps companies navigate the energy transition Brahma decarbonization.

This company has already tapped into some of the largest organizations in the world. Including ‘Shell’ which is an energy and gas giant.

But they are just getting started their main Services include Asset Management data exchange and green proofs.

Where they register to track and trade low-carbon products and attributes with High Fidelity to me this is one of the most absolute genius products that exist on the market.

They are quite literally monetizing the transition from carbon to Green energy and that is just absolutely unheard of during this bear market.

Energy web token has been absolutely skyrocketing in price outperforming all of the top crypto projects and it only has a 142 million dollar market cap.

Considering they are tapping into literally a trillion dollar Industries. I think that it’s needless to say they’re going to be doing pretty well in the short term. Follow us on Twitter.

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