Hello guys, today we bring some crucial updates on Pulsechain Crypto that we’d like to share with you. Richard Heart shared a massive update stating that the Testnet is going very well now.

The V3 Testnet is up and running now but for now, it’s still private and it works with sacrifice credits what does this mean for the pulse chain will it finally launch now?

In this article, we’ll delve a bit deeper and attempt to provide answers to these inquiries.


Pulsechain Crypto Launch Date – Richard Heart PulseX News – Testnet V3 is Running:

Richard Heart recently published an update on his Testnet V3 which includes updates on the prism pulse and Lighthouse pulse.

What is Prism pulse?

As well as potential fixes for a bug discovered in previous versions of the testnet prism pulse is a wallet application that allows users to interact with the pulse chain Network.

What is Lighthouse pulse?

While Lighthouse pulse is a tool that helps users set up validation nodes. Validation nodes are a crucial element of the pulse chain Network. As they help secure the blockchain by validating transactions and blocks.

The pulse chain team has worked hard to ensure that these tools are user-friendly and easy to use so that everyone can participate in the network.

Pulse Chain Update:

The latest update also includes information on the bug discovered in previous versions of the test Network.

This bug caused the network to crash every time a transaction was sent with a certain type of data. Developers have worked to fix this bug and have identified several potential solutions.

One of them is to change the way data is stored on the blockchain while another is to change the way transactions are processed.

Richard mentions in the tweet that,

sacrifice credits 32 million PLS validator deposit and maximum effective balance 10 s slots consensus layer rewards burning are all part of the system which he thinks is cool.

Additionally, he shares that the network has been running smoothly for 8400 slots into the new Beacon chain block 16 million five hundred and one thousand thirty-seven.

However, there was a bug that Richard addressed which was recently introduced in arrogant and developers are reverting to a previous version to withdraw.

After staking on the pulse chain Upstream changes from the Ethereum mainnet Shanghai Fork need to be implemented first and then merged into pulsechain.

After developers confirm it works well therefore the developers are currently working on both the Aragon version and a potential fix for the latest version.

And both clients are sensing to test the fixes the launch of the pulse chain might be closer than you think.

Pulsechain Launch:

We are finally going to be able to witness the spectacle of an incredible rise because the pulse chain is made to rise and it will be massive.

If you’re looking for another project with massive potential you should check out this project called pulse Valley.

Imagine investing 10 thousand dollars now and turning it into 50 thousand dollars on the very first day of launch does that sound too good?

Pulse Valley Pulsechain Hex:

To be true that’s exactly what pulse Valley is about to do pulse Valley is an exclusive limited-access Poker Club running on the pulse chain developed by an ambitious team of hex Pulse chain and pulse X investors.

Pulse Valley is a revolutionary platform that uses a deflationary PV token as the main in-game currency offering all benefits of the crypto World.

Alongside members of the Poker Club receive a monthly portion of the revenue from the platform.

And the igaming platform will also offer various tournaments for players to compete in including weekly monthly and yearly events.

These tournaments will provide additional opportunities for players to win PV tokens and contribute to the overall ecosystem.

The platform offers 17 thrilling games that can occupy players for hours or even days. Those who lose their tokens must buy more to keep playing.

2% of tokens are destroyed after each winning hand additionally their NFT collection is currently for sale on open C and NFT holders are entitled to a portion of the eye gaming platform’s profits.

Since this is the last chance to acquire an NFD any unsold items will be destroyed after the sacrifice phase.

The sacrifice phase for the PV tokens is currently ongoing with a price set at 0.0005 dollars per token. This phase along with the NFT sale will end on March 10.

After this, the listing price for the PV tokens will be 0.0025 dollars per token which represents an instant profit of five times the sacrifice price.

Don’t miss this opportunity guys sacrifice phase will end in Just Around 13 days.

So Richard Heart also shared a Chat GPT output regarding pulse chains implementation of EIP 1559 Burns and reduced issuance of PLS by 25 per block compared to the Ethereum.

This has the potential to make pulse chain net deflationary, especially during times of high transaction activity the tests are progressing well and it seems likely that pulsechain testnet V3 will be released in a few days.

As we have predicted this is confirmed by the successful operation of the private testnet. The private testnet is now operational and the next step is to make it public.

This is great news and we appreciate the regular updates provided by Richard Heart. He has put in a lot of effort to ensure that the Pulsechain runs smoothly.

We also have a statement from Alex McWhorter the founder of Hedron a project that will be available on both Ethereum and Pulsechain.

According to McWhirter, everything is working well except for arrogant despite this pulse will be launched and the Shanghai merge will be implemented later the V3 private test net is fully functional and will hopefully become public soon.

Landshare Cryptocurrency – Landshare Crypto Where to Buy?

Validators will receive 32 mpls and Sac balances are good to go with 10-second block times.

These are all positive developments one of the most interesting aspects of the pulse chain is its potential to be more deflationary than Ethereum.

This is because the pulse chain has a built-in feed-burning mechanism which means that a portion of the fees generated by transactions on the network is burned.

This reduces the total supply of the pulse chain token which could potentially increase its value over time.

Ethereum, on the other hand, does not have a fee-burning mechanism which means that the total supply of etch is constantly increasing once the sync is perfect it will be shown time right but it may take a few days to get there.

We are waiting for Richard Heart to return and inform us about the next steps now what impact will this have on the price of hex?

Well, there was a significant increase in value and we believe people have decided this is it this could be a game-changer for the price Target.

Currently, hex is valued at 0.06 dollars however once the mainnet launches the value will likely exceed 0.10. Because V3 is not yet available to the public.

We are currently at almost 0.07 which we achieved during the private testnet for V3. So what can be expected when the product is made public?

There is a likelihood of a significant increase in its value however there may also be a dip in prices as individuals who already possess a copy may want to sell it for pulse or pulse X or make profits.

It is uncertain what will occur but there could be a scenario of buying the rumour and selling the news.

Nonetheless using the DCA strategy on Hex is also a viable option and is commendable.

Of course, this is not Financial advice so be sure to do your own research before making any investment decisions.

if you have any questions or concerns leave them in the comment section below and we will reply to your queries.

I hope I am able to provide some valuable information and helped you to move a step ahead in your crypto journey.

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