Hello everyone today we will know about Landshare Cryptocurrency, which is a super micro low-cap gem. Which in my opinion has huge potential to bring about massive gains for the next bull market even right now. I mean it’s so cheap right now that I believe that it could see a pump coming into this year 2023.

Landshare Cryptocurrency – Landshare Crypto Where to Buy?

it could see a massive rally at some point because this project is so cheap. It’s so low in market cap that it can’t really go that much lower in my opinion.

It’s my own opinion so always do your own research before you invest your money. So guys Landshare is the ticker for it I’m going to be looking at this on coin market cap and coin Gecko.


Because there are two different values in the market cap if anyone’s a really knowledgeable person on Lancia I’d be interested. If you could tell me the genuine market cap because there are two different listings here.

So we got the 275 000 listings here on coin Gecko and then we’ve got 1.7 million on coin market cap.

Is Landshare coin a good investment?

I think it’s more likely to be the one on the coin market cap because of the volume. Okay, we’re gonna get into the tokenomics what it aims to do and how high I believe it can go.

So Lancia like I said there are two different potential market caps I believe it’s more likely to be the one on the coin market cap because they’re generally more reliable with the market caps.

You know they’re times in it by the circulating Supply so here it says that 31 of the market the total supplier of it is in circulation.

Because projects with about 10 or lower than 31 aren’t ideal but it’s certainly not awful. We will be looking into some people’s opinions as well even though I think these are usually useless to look into but we will.

So 1.7 million in market cap fully diluted of 5.4 million what is this token all about I know a lot of you guys would be like Landshare.

What is this? is this some digital land is this some NFT thing? No, actually it’s real estate and you are able to buy real-life property on Lancia for as little as 50 dollars.

Okay, and how does it do this? So basically what it does is fractionalizes the houses it fractionalizes the property.

So that many different people can have a share in that house and you can have many shareholders all in one house.

If you believe this house here in LA is going to go up in value you can buy it? probably won’t. Because it’s LA but you never know right so that is why the land share is essential.

It’s a really simple project to understand go check it out for yourself but you can basically buy into properties get into the property market get into the property ladder through the blockchain and traditionally only the super-rich can buy property.

It’s only the super-rich can get into property invested whereas with Lancia you’re able to buy a property with as little as 50 dollars right and become a shareholder in certain properties.

I really like the idea so they already have a few properties listed and you can literally invest in these right now and you can get an annual return of says 16.

All right they’re not the nicest of properties but nevertheless, you can make money on them right?

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What will landshare crypto be worth in 2025?

How much will Landshare be worth in 2025? According to the Landshare Price Prediction model above, LAND’s price in 2025 would be $10.23.

I like the fact that they’re allowing anyone to basically invest in it. The average annual return on real estate is actually 17.

According to this higher than stocks are higher than REITs which are basically online. Basically, REITs are is their online property ETFs essentially where you can buy into the property through an electronically traded fund basically bonds gold and CDs.

So you can see that clearly, their right real estate is a lucrative business. But traditionally the only people who could benefit from the lucrative business were the rich the people with big money.

If we look at this with the vision of five years down the line when they’ve got 500 properties listed or 1000 properties listed.

And they’ve got massive Mansions properties in all different countries that’s what we are looking at with Lancia and that is really what’s motivated people to invest in this.

And if we see the future with it elevate your real estate investment with Lancer a real estate investment of 10000 in 1990 would be worth over 36000 today by utilizing Landshares auto compounding technology.

The same investment would be worth over 301 000 today that’s incredible so they allow you to earn compound interest and stuff as well.

You get compound interest, the way how it’s set up. You can see the tokenomics and how it works here State your Landshare tokens and earn voting power in the Landshare governance protocol.

So they’re very much giving a say to the people who are involved in the project which I like we always like governance.

We always like people being able to ever say that’s what decentralization and the blockchain is all about.

If you want to read the white paper it’s really easy to access you just go on the website and click on white paper.

I’m going to look into the eth scan if it’s on here where is it or is it the BNB rather it’s on the BMB.

Always check these things guys before you invest your money that’s it for this article.

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