Rock Paper Scissors Video of Yellow Dress Girl on Twitter. Did you see the viral video where these two are playing rock paper scissors with the girl in the yellow dress? People are warning everyone not to watch this video. So if you are too scared to watch let me explain what happens.

Rock Paper Scissors Video of Yellow Dress Girl on Twitter

You know the regular viral Trends where whoever wins the rock-paper-scissors match gets to eat the food while the other person has to run to the end of the room and back and when they come back then they play again and whoever wins gets to eat the food.

Well in this rock-paper-scissors game whoever wins gets to enjoy the girl in the yellow dress and yes they did it all on camera.


Who is in the Rock Paper Scissors Video?

What’s interesting is the girl in the yellow dress and the guy in a couple his name is Dom but she never mentions her name and he’s a rapper and they live in Atlanta.

Dom recently made a video explaining what happened after that crazy video went super viral.

“We made that video we didn’t expect it to go viral but [ __ ] I just wanted to be a rapper and I mean I’m still L but now everybody just expects me to whip my dick out on camera and that’s just not how it goes I’m talking about I got plenty of talent like Don’t I babe.”

Rock Paper Scissors GIRL in the YELLOW DRESS explained:

That couple seems mad cool and I feel they will create more content like that. There were so many other creators saying don’t watch the video is disturbing it’s disgusting.

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But I think the only problem with the video is that it wasn’t long enough what do you think? Tell me in the comment section below. And do not forget to follow us on Facebook.

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