Oilers Fan Flashes Crowd in Game 5 – Ice Hockey Fan goes viral. An overly excited ice hockey fan has sent social media into meltdown after she delivered an eye-opening celebration.

This is the wild moment a fan flashes her chest in the middle of an NHL match the Edmonton Oilers were up against the Dallas Stars in game 5 of the NHL Conference Finals.

Oilers Fan Flashes Crowd in Game 5 – Ice Hockey Fan goes viral:

The Sun reports getting on board extensive coverage of the playoffs Conference Finals and every game of the 20124 Stanley Cup Live on ESPN.


The Canadian outfit took a 3 – 2 Series lead following a 3 – 1 win over Dallas and one fan, in particular, appeared to have been picked up by the win during the game.

A female fan was seen cheering in the crowd before lifting her Oiler Jersey to flash her chest. She then started shaking from side to side before dropping her top and looking at the camera.

A woman who flashed crowd at a ice hockey game:

The unknown fan then burst into laughter another supporter in the background of the video appeared to be getting a recording of their own in the crowd before noticing the fan with her top up.

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They then leaned forward for the phone in hand to seemingly get their footage of the mad moment almost falling into the seats in front in the process.

Edmonton Oilers fan offered p*rn site deal after flashing B00Bs during NHL conference finals win · Other fans were recording the overly excited woman. Follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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