Ways to Get Rid of Cough. Coughing, colds and fevers are on the rise. There are two types of cough, dry food and wet cough.

Ways to Get Rid of Cough:

The dry cough usually occurs after respiratory illnesses, such as colds and flu, due to the absence of mucus in the throat, in which case the sore throat fails to stop.

Experts say that a dry cough usually resolves on its own, but if it becomes chronic, it can have other symptoms, such as asthma, chest tightness, difficulty breathing and sore throat.


According to experts, drinking hot water, or using cough syrup can relieve the pain of dry cough.

There is another type of cough which is also called chest cough. This cough comes with mucus. Such cough is usually due to infection.

It is also relieved with cough medicines, such as cough syrup drops, chest massage and painkillers, and the patient may need antibiotics if a bacterial infection causes the cough.

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