In the US state of Tennessee, a company called Boat Dealer has provided an interesting game for those who are interested in fishing. People will be challenged to catch a specific fish, which will be rewarded with 1 million Dollars. Smallmouth bass fish.

Whoever Catches This Fish Will Get A Reward Of 1 million Dollars – Smallmouth bass fish:

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The Bluff City-based Watson Marine said:


The smallmouth bass will be released into Lake South Holston at 12:40 a.m. on June 12, with the challenge to catch until 11:59 a.m. June 13.

Anyone who catches the Smallmouth bass fish first will receive a 1 million Dollars reward.

The boat dealership said that no registration is required to participate in the game, but for the prize, the fish must be caught with a stick and wire.

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