people are curious to know Do players get auction money in IPL in IPL 2023 auction. While the 2023 auction held in Kochi on December 23 saw ten teams cumulatively spend ₹167 crores, in the 2021 auction eight teams spent ₹145.3 crores. At the same time, money spent this season was 70 per cent less than what was spent at the 2022 main auction.

Do players get auction money in IPL? IPL 2023 auction:

The auction amount is for one year. For example, if a player is bought for Rs 14 crore, he will get this amount every year and Rs 42 crore will be paid to him for three years. If a player remains available for the entire season, he gets paid the full amount. It doesn’t matter how many matches he plays.

What are the rules of the IPL 2023 auction?

Each team has to spend at least 75% of its total amount. The option of the Right to Match (RTM) card will not be available to franchises.


The number of players in each team should not exceed 25 while each squad should have a minimum of 18 players.

Indian Premier League 2023 – IPL Updates

How much money can a team spend in the IPL auction 2023?

What it means is that according to the IPL 2023 retention date each team can spend ₹95 crores instead of 90 crores.

Is the IPL contract for 3 years?

The contracts are for a three-year period, so the said player will be entitled to get a total of Rs 30 crore/Rs 300 million (Rs 10 crore per season depending on availability). “The contract is for three years, renewable after every year.

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