A Twitter user by the name of Babychar17 has shocked people after uploading an unsuitable video on her Twitter account.

“Babychar17 Ankha video” is currently trending on social media and people are reacting with anger over the video set to a viral TikTok song, that Twitter user Babychar17, shared on her page.

Watch Babychar17 Ankha Zone Full Video – Babychar_99 Twitter user and its Ankha Zone Meme video Explored:

Tik Tok is the most popular app and people love promoting and understanding their content on it.


The video was posted onto Twitter and contains the music from a TikTok trend known as the “Ankha” dance. The trend began on TikTok after a cartoon video of Ankha from Animal Crossing went viral.

Babychar17 Ankha Video:

“Babycharlotte, referred to as Babychar on social media” is an Instagram model and content creator on various platforms like Fansly, Only-fans, and Pocketstars. She has 39,000 followers on Instagram where she posts her exclusive photos and video clips.


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Therefore, Babychar17 is being accused of ruining the TikTok Ankha trend by filming and posting an NSFW version of the Ankha Trend video.

You might be searching for the user on the internet, so keep reading below because we will be going to let you know about the “Babychar17 Ankha video” and about the TikTok Ankha trend.

Here’s everything we currently know about the situation…

Who is Babychar17 (Babychar_99) on Twitter and what’s Ankha Video:

“Babycharlotte, referred to as Babychar on social media” is an Instagram model by profession and content creator on various platforms. She has her account on TIKTOK @Babychar17.

“Babychar17 Ankha Video” is getting viral and this video is making a trend on social media.

She has almost 40,000 followers on Instagram at the time of writing this content, where she posts her exclusive photos and video clips.

There are over thirty thousand videos set to the Ankha song (Camel by Camel) on the social media platform. a number of the videos have gathered over 1,000,000 likes.

Babycharlotte use to be post pictures of herself and these pictures come under content. She has two Twitter accounts “Babychar17 and the other one is Babychar_99” where she posts promotional video clips of her and invites viewers to her paid social media platforms.

Her Twitter account “Babychar17” has 98,000 followers while Babychar_99 has 50,000 followers so far.


What is Ankha Meme – What Is The Ankha TikTok Trend?

The TikTok trend is known as the “Ankha” trend and originates from a video of the character from Animal Crossing. Ankha is an animated animal character that is of a cat and this cat looks like an Egyptian girl. She is beautiful and attractive.

Earlier this month, a trend emerged on TikTok, called the “Ankha dance trend.” The trend began on TikTok after an animated video of Ankha from Animal Crossing went viral.

The viral Ankha video, created by a flash animator “Zone” is some things that will be categorized as inappropriate. (If you don’t understand Ankha? Ankha is an Egyptian cat from the Animal Crossing video games, and a clip of the animated character dancing went viral on TikTok recently.)

However, since the Ankha Zone video goes viral, TikTok users have been recreating the dance and also dressing up as the character. Because most of them liked the music “Camel by Camel” used in the viral Ankha Zone video.

There are over thirty-two thousand videos set to the Ankha song (Camel by Camel) on the social media platform. a number of the videos have gathered over 2,000,000 likes.

Twitter Ankha Zone Video:

The video is highly disliked by the Tik Tok users as they aren’t happy with the content inside a video.







The user is being alleged or accused of running the most viral charter by filming or creating her NSFW video and after this, she shares her video on Twitter.

When I get to 60 k my god you are in for a treat 😉

— Babychar | (@Babychar17) August 25, 2021

Do you all know how hard it is to stay on beat? 😂😂😂 it’s a bit of fun! I must say I’m not a good rider I’m better from behind (trust me) no face!!! https://t.co/g5X0MbMWpC

— Babychar | (@Babychar17) September 18, 2021

Babychar17 Ankha Video:

The Twitter user Babychar17 is being accused of ruining the Ankha trend on TikTok after she filmed her NSFW video (while playing the Ankha music in the background) and shared the video on Twitter.

The video received an overwhelmingly negative response from users who were upset by the way Babychar had used a popular TikTok trend to incorporate into immoral content.

People are reacting over “Babychar17 Ankha video” with anger and a few are even surprised at how Babychar17 performed the unsuitable act on the music Camel by camel.

On Citizenship Day, 2021, Babychar17 shared an NSFW video of herself on Twitter which is becoming popular as “Babychar17 Ankha video.”

Meanwhile, She captioned the video:


“Babychar17 Ankha video” shows the model performing s** acts in a similar way to the Egyptian cat video (Ankha Zone video). As the background music, Babychar17 has played precisely the same music also which is being played within the viral Ankha Zone video.

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“Babychar17 Ankha video” has gained over a million views on the social media platform so far. you’ll watch the Babychar17 Ankha video on Twitter by CLICKING Here.

Babychar17 Ankha Full Video And Twitter Reaction:

As in the video, she acted a bit weird with the most famous music “Camel by Camel”. People took to Twitter and they are reacting to it angrily.


— MorningThot (@Morning_Thot) September 18, 2021

Why did curiosity get me here 🤠 pic.twitter.com/ov85Fv2fiy

— Paris_mcgruder (@ParisMcgruder) September 23, 2021

gingerbrave knows all of your sins pic.twitter.com/0PZKRhCUxN

— humility – gorillaz (@wormguttzs) September 21, 2021

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