Ok_Love23 is a user on Tiktok who is getting public attention. Her contents have made fans curious about her. She is a content creator on Tiktok. Her videos have made everyone wonder about her identity.

They have been searching for her on Twitter ever since she uploaded steamy videos. Most of her fans are males and ask for her Snapchat and Twitter accounts.

OK_Love23 Twitter – Gabby Love Age And Instagram – Ok_Love23 On TikTok:

Ok_Love23 video emerged on February 16. People have become curious to find her on other social media platforms ever since.


She seems to be a new face on Tiktok. Even then she has more than 24K followers on the platform.

Who Is Ok_Love23 On TikTok?

She is getting famous on TikTok because of the content she shared. While some claim that they have found her on Twitter, some say she does not have one.

We also checked her Twitter but it seems she really does not have one. Or, if she does, it may be possible that she uses another username.


Reply to @varikarisyourfather

♬ original sound – K.I



Ok_Love23 or Gabby Love Bio, Wiki, Age, Instagram:

Gabby is a 19 years old teen as mentioned on her Tiktok bio. but she is famous as Ok_Love23 but her real name is Gabby Love. Several users tried to find her on other social media handles using this name, but no profile showed her face.

Gabby is still unknown for many fans because she rarely replies to any comments. And not interested to give her full identity.

Thus, it has increased the curiosity among the users while some are already frustrated, thinking it is her stunt to get more followers.

Ok_Love23 does not have an Instagram bio. Although one account has the same username, it does not have any posts or followers.

Stay Tuned because we will update this article after new information will be arrived.

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