Another Twitter account with the bio “I am back” is trending today named 138308 Twitter. Yes, it’s true so stay with us because we will tell you about Lost in Heaven and also give you a link to watch the 138308 videos.

Watch 138308 Twitter Videos- Who is Lost in Heaven Twitter user?

Many netizens are searching for @138308 Twitter clients. Anna is famous for posting different NSFW videos. Lost in Heaven is getting viral after posting the explicit videos.

Lost in Heaven has pinned her video but there are many more videos that she has Tweeted and a few of those videos are also in trend.


Who is 138308 Twitter User?

138308 Twitter page was created in July 2013. But she is getting famous after posting her private videos.

Only approved followers can see @138308’s Tweets. To request access, click Follow. And you will be able to watch all viral videos.

Anna has 6,462 followers as of now and it seems followers are increasing after sharing viral clips. She has not followed any accounts.

Her Record title is,

Lost in Heaven

Her record description is,

i am back

Watch Lost in Heaven Twitter Videos:

You must be curious to watch the Lost in Heaven videos, so Follow This Link. (Warning: NSFW content).

138308 page content maybe not be suitable for a few users.

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