Bushra Ansari and Jannat Mirza fight, Senior actress Bushra Ansari has responded to the inappropriate statements made by them to Tik Tok stars Janat Mirza and Umar Butt,

Bushra Ansari Responded to The Inappropriate Statements Of Jannat Mirza And Umar Butt – Bushra Ansari and Jannat Mirza:

Senior actress Bushra Ansari said,

children should respect the elderly.

Jannat Mirza and Umar Butt had recently sharply criticized Bushra Ansari, calling her:


an “ignorant woman, mother, aunty and elder”.

Initially, Jannat Mirza TikTok had criticized Bushra Ansari, while the senior actress had made a post against Tik Tok Star.

Bushra Ansari First post On Instagram against Jannat Mirza. pic.twitter.com/Eu0gEnMa3N

— Fact News Official (@factnewsoffical) June 8, 2021

Bushra Ansari used only the name of Janat Mirza in her post. Later on, Bushra Ansari deleted the critical post. According to Bushra Ansari, when he found out that Janat Mirza had apologized, she deleted his old post.

Bushra Ansari posted against Jannat Mirza when a short video of Tik Toker went viral, in which she inadvertently hurt the feelings of Christians.

A few days ago, a short video of Jannat Mirza went viral, in which she was wearing a pendant in the style of the Christian religious symbol ‘Cross’, after which Christians later filed a case against him with the police in Lahore, the capital of Punjab. There was also a request to injure religious sentiments.

Jannat Mirza had also apologized for the incident after being accused by Christians of hurting her feelings.

But later senior actress Bushra Ansari criticized Tik Toker and told her that she was not an Islamist. Does not know and does not know other religions.

Bushra Ansari shared a photo of the petition filed against Jannat Mirza with the police and a video of her on Instagram, calling Tik Toker “ignorant” and later deleting his post.

Janat Mirza also gave a clear answer to Bushra Ansari.

Janat Mirza gave a clear answer to Bushra Ansari. pic.twitter.com/qhxb5L6udy

— Fact News Official (@factnewsoffical) June 8, 2021

After Bushra Ansari’s post, Jannat Mirza and her sister Tik Tok star ‘Alishba Anjum’ also criticized the actress and called her ‘Aunty, Amanji and Jahil’.

Later, Jannat Mirza’s close friend Tik Tok star Omar Butt also got involved in the controversy and he also used some inappropriate and harsh words for senior actress Bushra Ansari and called her an ‘ignorant woman’.

After strong criticism from young tick talkers, Bushra Ansari has now posted for him, suggesting that:

children should respect the elderly, even if the elderly is wrong.

Talking about the whole issue, Bushra Ansari said that:

when she saw the video of Jannat Mirza and the comments that hurt the feelings of Christians against him, he also posted against Tik Toker.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Bushra Bashir (@ansari.bushra)

The senior actress claimed that she did not even know the name of Jannat Mirza but later deleted her post when she saw her apology posts on the issue.

Bushra Ansari said that,

she was not teaching Islam to anyone, she just wanted to explain that Islam teaches the rights of minorities.

At the same time, without naming Jannat Mirza, Alishba Anjum and Umar Butt, he instructed them to respect the elders and remain silent even when scolded by the elders

Many people praised Bushra Ansari for his explanatory post and agreed that young people and children should respect the elderly.

Bushra Ansari Jannat Mirza Fight Turns Ugly | Bushra Ansari and Jannat Mirza TikTok Star Are Feuding:


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Bushra Ansari and Jannat Mirza – People React On Twitter:

Jannat Mirza might be wrong but a woman like Bushra Ansari schooling her about religion is so funny mayn 😂

— پیامِ زہرا 🇵🇰 (@SYEDA_313_) June 6, 2021

Even a fifth grader would know how to wear a Cross if they have to,but jannat mirza decided to wear it on jeans, and reply of bushra ansari….
They all need classes on how to behave ,i wish there was an academy

— Ayesha ManzoorWattoo (@ayeshamwattoo) June 6, 2021

so deleted that Bushra Ansari wali tweet as one of my friends on twitter pointed out that used harsh language in it which was below my caliber.. apologies if someone else also felt bad about it 👍🏻👍🏻

— suez canal✌🏻 (@suez_canall) June 6, 2021

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