The inflight kissing incident on Karachi to Islamabad flight on may 20 has evidently crushed many hackles in Pakistan. A couple was allegedly caught ‘kissing’ in the aircraft as per some eyewitnesses’ claims.

Couple Caught Kissing On Airblue Airline – Inflight kissing incident Went Viral On Twitter:

The fellow passengers then complained, upon which the air hostess requested the couple to stop.

The story became the top trend in Pakistan as internet users poked fun at one of the eyewitness’ narrations of the events that took place in the Air Blue flight.


However, advocate Bilal Farooq Alvi, who was on board the plane, lodged a complaint with the CAA against the airline staff for not taking action to stop the couple.

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What’s Trending On Twitter About Hilarious Kiss:

Pakistani Twitter users gave us some hilarious Tweets:

Pakistan’s top National issue today:
A couple gets caught kissing on Air blue flight.
Ye #Qom😆🙏🏼

— Nida Abal (@abal_nida) May 27, 2021

can’t believe airblue kissing is trending and Pakistan’s snack video is trending but not #justiceforPalestine or #JusticeForSunitaMaseeh

— whateverr (@whatever_susu) May 27, 2021

It was a ploy by AirBlue Authorities to make themselves famous and they succeeded. Soon the kissing couple will also be on Nida’s show so both Airblue and couple will be in advantage.#airbluekissing

— Furqan Ayub 🇵🇰 (@furqanayub07) May 27, 2021

when the couple did not pay heed to her request, the air hostess reportedly provided the couple with a blanket to keep their display of affection under wraps. Passengers claim that when the couple was confronted over their actions they hit back saying, “Who are you to tell us anything”.

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