Famous American singer and songwriter Frank Ocean shared his private part pictures on Instagram. The singer uploaded a photo to promote his luxury brand collection featuring pendants, a keychain and earrings and the XXXL H-Bone Ring. The famous c0ck ring is 18-karat gold.

Frank Ocean Luxury Brand Homer C0ck Ring Photo on Instagram and Twitter:

Frank Ocean’s last album was released in April 2020, the two new songs: “Dear April” and “Cayendo.”

Frank Ocean's luxury goods company Homer is selling gold ring
Frank Ocean

Frank was originally scheduled to headline Coachella 2020, but the festival was cancelled and his performance was moved to 2023.


Ocean’s brand Prices range from $310, the most famous and expensive brand item is a c0ck ring with will cost $25,570.

Frank Ocean private picture of gold ring
Frank Ocean Gold Ring

The store listed a white-gold necklace with over 14,000 diamonds and it costs $650,000. The collection is available online at the Homer brand store. Frank launched his brand Homer last August.

Check out “A Visit to Homer, Frank Ocean’s New York Luxury Store” on the Pitch.

Who is Frank Ocean?

Christopher Francis Ocean, known professionally as Frank Ocean, is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. His works are noted by music critics for featuring avant-garde styles and introspective, elliptical lyrics.

You can also see Frank Ocean’s viral images by following this link.

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