Hamid Mir openly came to the fore in the discussion on social media. Last night he tweeted in such a way that there was a commotion all over the country.

Hamid Mir Openly Came To The Fore In The Discussion On Social Media:

Journalist Hamid Mir himself tweeted in his speech on the discussion on social media last night and wrote,

“Now you will see that many V-loggers recruited for Rs. We will make the salary lawful but the people of Pakistan know who are the implementers of the foreign agenda.”

Speaking on the sidelines of a rally in support of Asad Tor, a journalist and a YouTube villager, he warned state institutions.


He said that this should not happen to any journalist in future, otherwise he would be “forced to speak at home”.

A clip of Hamid Mir’s speech during the protest went viral on social media and hashtags in favour and against Hamid Mir Began to trend.


From what he said in his speech, it was clear that the target of his criticism was the military establishment. After Hamid Mir’s speech, the opinion on social media was very divided. Appreciated and applauded, while his critics criticized the speech and accused him of misrepresentation.

Commenting on Hamid Mir’s speech, a user of “I Karachi wala” wrote that:

“Hamid Mir has levelled two serious allegations against the state institution. The answer must come from there because the allegations have been heard everywhere. Failure to respond could lead to hatred against the company.”

Another user commented on Hamid Mir’s speech, saying that his father used to say:

“Hamid Mir is like his father Waris Mir. They seek to harm the state and its institutions in the name of democracy and freedom of the press.”

I never understood my father’s words until today I saw this (speech). ”Tweeting in support of Hamid Mir, researcher and social activist Ammar Ali Jan praised Hamid Mir and said that he told him.

“In this way, the generals are ready to challenge the distorted narrative of Pakistan’s history.”

Ammar added that:

“Pakistan plays the role of a mercenary state for the world powers”.

And the cause of this embarrassment is not “journalists or critics” but those who accuse ordinary citizens of being foreign agents.

Azhar Mashwani, who is associated with the Punjab government, also said on the allegations levelled by Hamid Mir,

“The question is why instead of taking action against those who make such allegations against the national body, they are summoned to every top-secret briefing.” And why are they so important?

Social activist Alam Zeb Mehsud said in his speech that:

“He fully agrees with Hamid Mir and the enemies of journalism should not hide behind the scenes.”

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