There is another news getting viral today about a school incident which happened almost 2 months ago. In which a student allegedly attack his fellow student in a computer class.

After reportedly attacking a classmate with a chair in a classroom, the culprit was charged with a troubled charge.

Read this article because we will tell you what really happened in the video and also provide you with a link to watch the original video.


Maricopa High school Student Hit with Chair Viral Video on Twitter and Reddit:

In the viral video, a student from Maricopa high school can be seen standing with a chair in his hands and he was in an aggressive mood.

Individuals raced to Twitter to discover who the indicated Twitter client is and what is maricopa high school chair video.

The student was holding the chair above his head and then he smashed it on the backside of the other student who was sitting beside him. The victim after being struck did not move and sat there with a hood over his head.

All other students can be heard saying “oh…”, then a girl sitting there came closer to the sufferer and asked about him.

student hits student with chair video
student hits student with chair video

The culprit raised the chair again over his head after hitting the other student’s head and then his teacher entered the classroom and said,

Teacher: “hey__ put it down immediately.”

The culprit: “Tell him to move,”

“Put the chair down now,” the teacher asks once more with a louder voice.

“Tell him to move,” the culprit answered, giggling.

Maricopa High school chair video:

As per the reports, the student who was being hit by the culprit moved the chair to the other place and that becomes the main reason for this incident. Even though it’s not a big issue but it was raised on social media by fellow students.

The angry student then look over the camera and noticed that his video was being recorded and then suddenly his manners were changed.

Even though it was a short video but it was clear. MPD stated that the culprit was charged with aggravated assault and released to his parents. And the victim was not moved to the hospital.

Watch Maricopa High on Twitter videos:

If you are curious to watch Maricopa High on Twitter video then you may Follow this Link to watch the videos. (Warning: NSFW content)

If any additional Maricopa High information arrives, TodayPakWeb will update this post.

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