Mia Shem Video Full – Hamas Releases First Video of Israeli Hostage Monday, showing a woman who identifies herself as a 21-year-old in the clip.

She appears to be receiving medical treatment. The woman was reportedly abducted from an Israeli music festival during the initial Palestinian attack on October 7th.

Hamas now claims to have as many as 250 hostages from a reported 150. Proof of life video was always positive for the family in terms of morale.


Let’s keep in mind that how well they’re taking care of the hostages means very little to the DF retired Navy Seal officer Mike Cirelli, says.

Usually it’s one hostage. One location you find and fix where the hostages are located and conduct a direct action raid to rescue them.

This is gonna be a long battle. Eight groups are trying to get critical supplies to the region as hospitals are running out of fuel, cross-border fire increases and a full-scale ground invasion is soon expected on acts.

WATCH German Shani Louk video in Hamas

Asia Palestine protesters gathering on Pennsylvania Avenue calling for a ceasefire. President Biden confirmed late Monday he’ll travel to Israel Wednesday and then Jordan. Follow us on Facebook.

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