Video has gone viral on Tiktok as it appears to expose an alleged mother for abusing her young son inside Costco in South San Francisco.

Mom Seen On Video Allegedly Abusing Young Boy At San Francisco Costco:

The video claims the woman,

“started slamming the little kid around saying horrible things to him!!”


Can CPS please check on this family? I’m worried about her kids. Her name is Cristina Hughes-Trujillo in San Francisco.

— Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld_2) November 9, 2021

The video picks up with the witness recording confronting the child’s mother letting her know,

“I’m recording you lady because this is definitely abuse.” The mother responds by approaching the witness stating “you know what your abusive, get out my face.”

A bystander male chips in saying,

“we’re going to call the police right now… you are not right”

to the alleged abusive mother. The alleged abusive mother responds,

“I really don’t care, your not right!”

as the witness recording attempts to check on the child and asks if he’s alright.

The mother then focuses her attention back on the child who is standing there seemingly sobbing with his arms folded and his head down. The mother begins yelling,

“stop it, people are calling the cops because you are acting like a moron.”

Witnesses chimed in again calling out the mother demanding she stop yelling at the child after she allegedly,

“slammed him into the wall and threatened to punch” the young boy.

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In part 2 of the video, the witness explains in detail exactly what happened. Reports claim the mother was reported to San Francisco Human Services Agency. They are allegedly investigating the incident.

They are looking into this. Thanks for flagging @davenewworld_2!

— Nancy Levine (@nancylevine) November 10, 2021

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