Pakistan’s first state-of-the-art mobile phone assembly plant has been launched, where phones from nine to one million different companies are assembled monthly.

Pakistan’s First State-of-the-Art Mobile Phone Assembly Plant Begins Work:

Mobile phones of three different companies are being assembled in the unit of a private company called AirLink located in Kot Lakhpat Industrial Area.

Hundreds of workers along long assembly lines assemble nine to one million mobile phones a month. After assembly, the phone undergoes the most rigorous technical tests


After surface preparation, a phone that costs between Rs 15,000 and Rs 18,000 will cost Rs 7,300.

During the last financial year, foreign exchange worth One billion thirty-one million dollars was spent on imports of mobile phones.

Relaxation of government policy and investment of foreign companies in the mobile phone industry will reduce the import bill by billions of rupees.

The plant has seven assembly lines while more than 700 workers work in different shifts.

Rising consumption of smartphones in Pakistan and reduction in holding tax will lead to the manufacture of phones locally, which will create employment opportunities.

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