Salto Piscine Video on Twitter has been trending today as Salto Piscine Face Hit in Swimming Pool Jumping. Online netizens are curious to watch the original video. As 16 years old boy named Salto Piscine jumped into a swimming pool and his face hits the side concrete and split into 2 pieces.

Read this article because we will tell you about the boy and also share a link with you to watch the original complete video.

Salto Piscine Video on Twitter – Salto Piscine Face Hit in Swimming Pool Jumping Video:

Salto Piscine’s video has gone viral over the internet, especially on Twitter. Many online users have watched the purported video but still, many more are searching for this video. But we will provide you with the full video link.


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What is Salto Piscine Video Viral on the Internet:

A disturbing video in which a young boy of 16 years old named Salto Piscine can be seen jumping into a small swimming pool.

He has a good height and he jumped high that’s why his face hit on the other side of the pool border and split into 2 pieces. People near him helped him to get out of the Red pool because of his blood.

Salto Piscine Twitter Video:

If you are curious to watch the Original Salto Piscine video on Twitter then follow this link. (Warning: NSFW content).

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