After the arrest of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kandra was on charges with making Censored films and distributing them on various platforms.

Shilpa Shetty’s Husband Raj Kandra’s Royalty On A*u*t Films | 70 Censored Videos Recovered:

The police raided the house of the accused and confiscated several nude videos and a server.

According to police, accused Raj Kandra was refraining from answering questions during the interrogation. So his house was raided.


More than 70 Censored videos made by his former assistant Amish Kamat with the help of various production houses have been recovered.

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Police will send the server for forensic analysis to find out whether Raj Kandra used the server to upload Censored material to his shell company ‘Kin Rin’ in the UK.

Police have issued letters to all banks seeking records of all bank accounts of Raj Kandra’s associates and the company for the past two years.

In a statement, police said that the conversation between Kandra and Pradeep Bakhshi on WhatsApp showed that Kandra was aware of violating the law.

Last year, Google and Apple launched Kandra’s Hot Shots application for two months. Kandra had signalled to his colleague to start work on another project in two to three weeks.

Police reportedly paid for uploading Censored videos on WhatsApp, including documents of an agreement between Raj Kandra and Pradeep Bakhshi, during a search of the offices of Vian Industries and JL Stream. Evidence has also been seized regarding the amounts.

It should be noted that tweets were sent by Raj Kandra in 2012 which are also going viral on social media these days in which it was written that actors are playing cricket, cricketers are doing politics, politicians are watching Censored and adu*t stars. Ad*lt stars are becoming an actor.

It may be recalled that 45-year-old Raj Kandra and 11 others have been arrested for making Censored films and then spreading them on mobile apps.

Police say Raj Kandra had been working in Censored films for at least two years.

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