Digri Sindh: Young Man Marries A Goat | Video Goes Viral. A video of a young man marrying a goat in the Hindu community in the Digri area of Mirpur Khas went viral.

Sindh: Young Man Marries A Goat | Video Goes Viral:

According to the details, a few days ago, a Bhagat Pappu Bheel arranged the marriage of a young man of the Bheel community to a goat in the Union Council Pabna.

The video of which went viral on social media. As the video went viral, comments started pouring in on social media.


The video shows a large number of women and children of the Bheel community.

According to the police, the youth of the Bheel community also took 7 turns according to the Hindu religion.

Relatives of the youth were also present. Police said that Bhagat, who arranged the marriage, has been arrested while raids are being carried out to arrest the youth.

سندھ کے علاقے ڈگری میں نوجوان نے بکری سے شادی کرلی. pic.twitter.com/zPErurEDwx

— Mustansar Suleri (@MSuleri) July 26, 2021

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In this regard, when the Hindu community was asked about the issue of marriage in the video, they said that in Hinduism, when a virgin boy marries a married woman, the first virgin boy needs to marry an animal or a doll and so on. It is done after marriage.

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