The dog Screwdriver Eye Video is getting viral today and people have different reactions to the video. This next bit’s not going to be too nice though is it Sash emergency vet Dr Laura Musgrove is treating an 11-month-old dog after he was brutally stabbed in the eye during a burglary.

Dog Screwdriver Eye Video – Dog Screwdriver Video on Reddit and Twitter:

The eye has been ruptured some of the tissue from the inside of the eye is coming out and the eye does not respond to light at all.

The doctor said, When I move my hand towards his face he doesn’t show any normal reflexes which is why I’m worried that there is injury deeper within the eye.


The decision was made quite easy for us by the fact that he wasn’t going to have a chance to see it.

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So the first thing we do is remove all of the attachments and then manage any bleeding as sad as it is that he’s lost this eye.

It will just heal like a cut and there will be a small scar potentially and he’ll just look like he’s winking.

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We are done I’m very happy with how it’s gone and I think he’ll bounce back. And well we’re just going to take extra special care of that remaining eye. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

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