Cybersecurity experts have revealed a major hacking incident in the world.

Millions Of Internet Users Have Had Their Belongings Stolen | Major Hacking Incidents In The World Revealed:

According to Mail Online, experts say that in this incident, hackers targeted 325 million computers in the world and stole the login details of Facebook, Apple, Amazon and other platforms from them.

According to cybersecurity firm Nord Locker, hackers stole the login details of more than 26 million accounts from millions of computers on various social media and e-commerce platforms.


Cybersecurity experts have tracked down malware that created a database and stored people’s stolen login details.

The size of this database is 1.2 TB.

This malware (virus) stole this information and details between 2018 and 2020 and stored it in this database.

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The details include people’s ‘payment information and experts fear that hackers may or may not have inflicted heavy financial losses on consumers through the incident.

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