Cardi B Live Instagram Video – Cardi B went crazy before her new “Like What” freestyle drops. One of the most successful female rappers in terms of sales, Cardi B, frequently makes news.

She has gained notoriety lately for going bonkers during her Instagram livestream. The WAP rapper went bonkers to maybe promote the song Like What (Freestyle), which she shared as her first new song of 2024.

Cardi B Live Instagram Video – Cardi B went crazy before her new “Like What” freestyle drops:

Additionally, Cardi B emphasized that she would not let her doubts or her detractors to prevent her from releasing her follow-up album in 2024.


Offset, the rapper’s estranged spouse, directed the video, and there was a mention of additional music in the end credits.

Cardi B Goes Crazy in Her Instagram Live Like What (Freestyle) is her first solo release since Up in 2021, which became her fifth No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

In the song, which features a sample of Missy Elliott’s iconic 1999 song She’s a Bitch, Cardi B tells her adversaries that she always prevails.

I haven’t really talked my s— in a minute. Like, who the f— do these b!tches think they are talking to? / Let me put some gas in this motherf—in’ year, b!tch. Like, really, are you that stupid? In the song’s first stanza, she raps.

“This year, I swear to you all, I won’t let my nervousness, what detractors say, or what fans say get in the way of me. I’m just going to f**king drop a song if I do it. Well, because I’m releasing my record this year, I’m at a loss for options. Thus, keep an eye out for the announcement. Don’t play with me, though.

In the meantime, she was seen flashing her br*ast and sticking out her tongue for her fans whilst broadcasting live on her Instagram account.

She appeared quite sensuous when she lowered her top. She moaned as she held her colorful tape-covered breasts out to the public.

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Fans Are Offended by Cardi B Live Instagram Behavior

The Grammy-winning rapper’s followers did not approve of what she displayed on her Instagram Live. Some claim that a woman with four children shouldn’t do it.

One fans wrote,

Stripping to a bunch of kids in ig live. These flop singles she’s been putting out got her reverting to her stripper days.

Another one said,

She’s doing all these PR cos of lasted song she just released.

Third person said,

Grown woman with 4 kids and a husband .. at a certain point when does it end.

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