An NSFW news channel is trending today named 44Vibetv Twitter. One of the latest videos posted by the page is trending and there are a number of searches about him on Google.

Read this post because we will tell you about 44Vibe News and Michael Mendieta, and why they’re presently trending on social networking platforms.

Watch 44Vibetv Twitter – Michael Mendieta Beating up A Girl Video Shared by 44Vibe News:

44Vibetv shared a video in which Michael Mendieta Beat up Lady and it seems he was drunk. The video has been extensively circulated on social media.


44Vibe News Regardless that Twitter has not adopted any accounts, the 44Vibetv Twitter net web page is shortly turning into well-known for publishing a wide range of NSFW News videos.

Who is 44Vibetv?

The 44Vibetv Twitter web page was created in January 2021, and the present location is related to the United States. as mentioned in his bio,

News by a Mexican-American who grew up in the hood.

44Vibetv has 1,297 Tweets until now. And it seems like a news channel page.

his record title is,

44Vibe news

He has 3,191 followers in these few days but he will get more followers after sharing this viral clip, and he is following only 13 accounts.

44Vibe has another Twitter account that is mentioned in his bio named @44vatoX. This account was created in March 2019. 44vato has more than 13K followers.

In the viral video, it can be seen that Michael Mendieta Beating up Lady and no one is there to stop him. The purported video is captioned,

Video circulates of TikToker Michael Mendieta beating up a girl after a party in Bakersville, CA

The same video was uploaded by 520miguel on Twitter and watched by thousands of netizens.

Who is Michael Mendieta?

Michael Mendieta is an internet personality and social media influencer. The Mendieta we are discussing in this article is not to be confused with the creative director from New York City.

In addition to a widely known determine on the web. The web is presently buzzing with the discussion of a brand new video.

What did Michael Mendieta do?

Mendieta posted a video of engaging in an oral s3x act with a woman on his Twitter account attracting thousands of people to follow him on his handle.

Watch Original 44Vibetv Twitter Video:

Because of the sensitive material, we are unable to preview it here but you can still watch Michael’s video by Following this Link. (Warning: NSFW content)

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