Birmingham Primark Mall Women Fight Video Heluvara Twitter:

The video from Primark Mall in Birmingham is going viral on Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms because the video shows a white woman shitting herself during a battle with a black girl.

The fight appears to have occurred in a Birmingham Primark department store except, as confirmed by the viral video, clothing was out of control. The black women are visibly outnumbering the white women as the white woman falls to the ground as the black woman attempts to punch her in the face. people can see the white woman’s shit falling on the floor as the camera pans toward them.


Who is heluvara Twitter?

heluvara Twitter was created in january 2022. This page was created by a girl name Ara. She has 22 tweets on her Twitter page. heluvara has 8,055 followers and she has followed only 1 account.

Recently she shared women fighting video which is getting a lot of attention from all over the world.

As maintained in the video, the white woman is viral because the skirt she is wearing is suddenly lifted, revealing her confidential location. White women don’t seem to wear underwear anymore, which has caused people to have the option to look at their shit around their body and in obvious areas.

but the two ladies inside the trending video are hard to understand. People should be seen giving evaluations on cases where a white woman urinates.

some believe that her belly might have been disappointed by the event, while others assume that she was physically assaulted. but, the true purpose of the combat remains a mystery.

Watch Birmingham Primark Video:

If you are curious to watch Birmingham Primark video and pictures then you may follow this link. (Warning: NSFW content)

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