Kidnapping videos of Americans in Mexico have shocked everyone. Two of those four kidnapped American citizens have been found dead authorities say another American was hurt and the fourth was found alive.

On 3 March 2023, four Americans were kidnapped in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. U.S. officials believe that they were confused for Haitian drug smugglers by members of a drug cartel.

Kidnapping Video of Americans in Mexico – Two Americans found dead Two Alive:

There’s also been an arrest in this case. The four Americans who were violently kidnapped in mata moto’s Mexico last week have been found.


According to the governor of that region, two were found dead one alive but wounded and the fourth victim is unharmed.

This video appears to show the group being held at gunpoint led from their white minivan to the back of a pickup truck in Matamoros Mexico.

The video has not been verified but sources familiar with the matter have confirmed it is a part of the FBI’s investigation.

Authorities says,

These sorts of attacks are unacceptable our thoughts are with the families of these individuals and we will continue to coordinate with Mexico and push them to bring those responsible to Justice.

The four kidnapped victims now identified as Latavia Tay McGee shaeed Woodward zindel Brown and Eric Williams.

McGee’s mother says,

Her daughter was travelling to Mexico to undergo cosmetic surgery McGee and Woodward’s cousin said they were desperate for answers.

Adding McGee is a mother of five it’s hard on them also because we can’t give them answers.

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Because we don’t know anything Brown’s family said they spoke with him the day before the kidnapping felt a little uneasy and then like I said Friday morning I texted and I didn’t get anything.

US officials explained how gunmen began shooting at the group’s minivan which had North Carolina plates.

Then kidnapped the people inside one Mexican bystander was also killed and a warning to American Travelers that Tamaulipas state is dominated by drug cartels.

And is rated as do not travel in America’s travel advisory system on par with Nations like North Korea and Afghanistan we encourage Americans to heed that advice M1.

The Department of Justice says it’s working with the Mexican counterparts its Mexican counterparts on this situation.

Gunmen Kidnapped US Citizens Who Crossed into Mexico to Buy Medicines:

The FBI says the four Americans that entered Mexico on Friday were in a white minivan with North Carolina license plates when armed gunmen opened fire and abducted them.

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