Lexi Bonner Getting Jumped Video who beaten the 8-year-old autistic boy from Leeds. There is a video going around of a girl fighting a little kid. I will explain the aftermath of it so that you can get an idea of what happened.

A young girl has been recorded physically assaulting a young boy and it’s extremely disturbing as it just keeps going on.

While people watch with all of it uploaded to someone’s Snapchat this clip has set the internet alight with Millions of people claiming the girl is named Lexi Bonner.


Lexi Bonner Getting Jumped Video who beaten the 8-year-old autistic boy from Leeds:

This is interesting because at no stage is a name mentioned except via reposts there are also claims that the boy is autistic.

But again it’s impossible to tell if this is the case as no information has been properly verified whether or not what the internet is claiming is true.

This whole thing has become a meme and it’s the perfect example of how a visceral clip can take a life of its own.

Thanks to the internet sometimes when people believe they are doing the right thing and that they need to punish someone.

They will go all out and spread every little detail about them even if it is not validated not to mention.

The bot problem on Twitter initially made this worse with millions of reposts. Often sending viewers to random websites whilst promising links to footage of Lexi Bonner getting jumped.

Who is Lexi Bonner?

Lexi Bonner is a British teenager who publicly stated that she hit an eight-year-old boy. She looks just like a schoolgirl and hasn’t learned anything about humanity. She dragged a little boy and injured his body by kicking him hard.

8-year-old autistic boy from Leeds gets beaten by lexi bonner while friends laughed:

It’s almost an obsession with the idea of inflicting violence at this stage with people trying their hardest to find the girl responsible and put her to Justice.

Some even claim they have found her house, but it gets even weirder than the accounts are pretending to be Lexi Bonner.

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Perhaps with the end goal of inducing rage-bait comments as such this recording of a horrific bullying session has swept the internet.

And the name Lexi Bonner has invited an insanely large online Crusade tons of accounts and posts have become completely absorbed in this story.

Lexi Bonner Getting Jumped Video:

Turning it not only into an ongoing saga but also a huge meme spawning trends such as Lexi Bonner biting the curb which people imagine paying her back tenfold for the damage.

She inflicted, in short, the endless reposting of a Snapchat story of a horrific moment that has turned into a worldwide movement against a girl whose name has not been verified.

And yet endless meme accounts are pretending to be Lexi and even a GoFundMe popping up thanks to the situation although whether or not GoFundMe is sending money to the people who need it is also unclear what means. Follow us on Facebook.

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