One of the inhuman acts in a shocking video of No Mercy in Mexico father and son is trending, who is brutally killed by the Mexican Cartel. Read this article because we will explain to you, when did no mercy in Mexico happen.

No Mercy in Mexico Twitter Video Explained – When did no Mercy in Mexico Happen?

As we all know that Mexico is nothing without the cartels, the government has no power over them and the police are extremely corrupt.

The viral video is named ‘No Mercy In Mexico’ in which two men can be seen tortured to death and shown no mercy to them by the cartel.


What is Cartel?

A cartel is an organization of a few independent producers for the purpose of improving the profitability of the firms involved. This usually involves some restriction of output, control of price, and allocation of market shares.

No Mercy In Mexico Reddit:

A video went viral on Reddit where a father and his son were killed brutally and leaves everyone shocked on the internet. It is said that they both were informants for an enemy Cartel.

After being caught the father and son got punishment by the cartel but it was scary to watch for many netizens.

No Mercy In Mexico Unblocked:

Firstly the video was shared on TikTok and then it spread through social media. Even though people asked others to not watch the video, almost everyone watched the video because of curiosity.

What Happened in No Mercy In Mexico YouTube Video?

First of all, I will not recommend watching the video because of the graphics. But I can tell you what happened with the father and his son.

A gang tied up both father and his son and then they started beating both of them. Even though both were groaning with pain but the gang members did not stop.

Then they cut off the head of the father in front of his son. While watching this the son starts crying. But gang members show no mercy and they cut the chest of the son and pull out his heart.

Not only this but these cruel people show this on the screen and then throw the part on his body. People like them must get severe punishment so that incidents like this must stop.

Where to watch the No Mercy In Mexico Facebook Video?

A lot of people couldn’t digest this video. So, the visuals from this video are not for everyone. That’s why here is what happened in that video.

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