San Jose fire department Pink Poodle video went viral on social media. People are curious to watch the SJ Fire Truck Video. The San Jose Fire Department called a viral video on Instagram showing a bikini-wearing woman exiting a fire truck “concerning.”

The probe was launched after a video showed a bikini woman getting off the SJ fire truck and walking into a strip club.

San Jose fire department Pink Poodle video – SJ Fire Truck Video:


San Jose Fire Department over stripper Woman:

The San Jose Fire Department has launched an investigation into a video posted to social media of a bikini-clad woman exiting a fire.

Plenty of questions are swirling over a new viral video of a woman wearing nothing but a bikini and high heels walking out of San Jose.

The San Jose Fire Department said it is investigating a “concerning” video shared online by a local social media influencer.

“The department has become aware of a concerning video posted on social media,” said San José Fire Chief Robert Sapien.

Watch SJ Truck Bikini Girl Viral Vidoe:

You must be curious to watch the original video so you can follow this link.

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