Luisa Espinoza Video is viral after she was arrested for promoting child unwanted content. Luisa Espinoza is an Ecuadorian model who is accused of promoting child content!

Finally, they stopped the “idola de los pajeros”, Luisa Espinoza, who recorded videos for OF letting herself be touched by kids in exchange for cand.

In the house police found 10,000 videos of child P0rn0gr@phy, more than 10 years in jail await her.


Luisa Espinoza Video – Luisa Espinoza Ecuadorian model is accused of promoting child content:

As the videos of Luisa went viral the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office and police officers raids four times and they apprehended the model, Luisa Espinoza.

Police arrested 3 men and seized approximately ten thousand videos, with explicit images of girls, children and adolescents in intimate relationships.

Luisa espinoza Instagram:

Luisa Espinoza has an Instagram account with 158K followers and is following 161 accounts with 3 posts even though she is not so active on her IG. Luisa’s IG is private and you have to send her to follow request.

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Ecuadorian model Luisa Espinoza YouTube:

Luisa Espinoza’s YouTube channel has over 266K subscribers. And she is busy there in making new videos with her family.

Luisa Espinoza Video:

26 years old Ecuadorian model Luisa Espinoza was born in the city of Guayaquil. Espinoza is active on “OF”, while the authorities have been investigating her since December 2022.

Because of her videos in which she was acting with young students, to whom Luisa offered candies so they could touch her breasts and private parts.

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