Today i will tell you the Top Altcoins to Buy in 2023. What if I were to say that over the next 12 months, your favourite crypto projects would be 100X? And by making just a small investment now, you’ll never have to work again.

Well, that would be a complete lie despite what you’re seeing online. Bitcoin’s gonna hit a million dollars in this decade. 10% put it in Bitcoin or Ethereum. I can buy Ferrari with Bitcoin. Put $200 in it and then could 100x and get 1000x.

Top Altcoins to Buy In 2023 (Before It’s Too LATE):

However, I do think that with the right strategy, there is a chance of making a life-changing amount of money with a small investment.


In 2017, one of my friends made a $2,000 investment that ended up at one point being worth over $80,000 and then in 2020 he made a $5,000 investment that at one point ended up being worth over $330,000.

However, he could have made millions if he would’ve just done a few things differently. This is why today I’m sharing my exact strategy on cryptos.

I’m buying to prepare for the next bull run, as well as price predictions I’m looking at each project to hit.

But how much do you have to spend before making $1 million in the next bull run? Honestly, there will be someone out there who does it with just $1000.

But I don’t think that’s very realistic. But I do think $10,000 with a good strategy in play is. I know that sounds like a lot of money. But you can start this with even just $100.

Now, there are several ways you can make money with crypto. You can trade, and you can participate in decentralized finance

But, where I make the most money, is just by buying and holding projects in the later stages of a bear market and then selling once all of the prices appreciate.

With Bitcoin, the last three bull runs started six months after the Bitcoin halvings. And Bitcoin halvings happen every four years.

The last one occurred in May of 2020. And it was the end of 2020 when prices really started to appreciate. And the next Bitcoin will happen in March of 2024.

And by that logic, we have about a year left of buying cryptos at these low prices. Now, another marker that signifies the end of a bear market is just looking at all of the projects that collapsed.

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When Terra Luna collapsed Bitcoin went from about $45,000 to $27,000. However, when FTX collapsed Bitcoin only went from about $21,000 to $16,000 and it held here for three months despite more projects falling afterwards.

So this could be a signal, the keyword could, that the bear market has reached the bottom. So how exactly am I deciding what to buy? And I broke down what I’m looking at in several different categories.

And inside of each category things that I’m looking at are the leaders of each sector. Who is on the team and what is their history?

Is this sector still going to see growth when the next bull run happens? And the size of the project in terms of dollar evaluation?

Now, this possibly could be the most controversial of my portfolio, but a lot of people say put big positions in Ethereum and Bitcoin.

While that may be the case, I think if you have more than $10,000 to invest, I think that’s totally fine. But if you’re really trying to make $1 million off of $10,000, this is not the way to do it.

Even if Ethereum’s new update goes perfectly and let’s say we see a $15,000 Ethereum come the next bull run that’s about a 10X.

So if I put $10,000 into Ethereum that’s a $100,000 return and I say only a 7X or a 10X for two reasons.

Some of the other cryptos or investment vehicles, if you will, are going to have the possibility for a much higher return.

Now, there is a higher risk associated with projects outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but I know that going into this.

I have other investment vehicles that I can invest my money into. There are other ways I’m making money outside of crypto by developing skills and building companies and I would argue that a 7X to 10X over two years isn’t that good at all.

So what, yes, Ethereum may not be on my list but for anything I invest after $10,000 my goal is to cost average positions into Ethereum making up about 25% to 30% of my portfolio.

But for my first $10,000 I’m not set on really building huge Ethereum positions. I’m starting my $10,000 portfolio the infrastructure of blockchain by adding layer zeros through layer twos to my portfolio.

The first layer zero I’m grabbing is Cosmos Atom. And Cosmos helps other blockchains talk with one another.

And although it isn’t the biggest, it’s one of the oldest and most tested out there and it uses a special tender mint in order to do this.

As blockchain develops I think we’re going to see a growing need for the layer zeros, not just Cosmos.

When it comes to speculating future price points the only reason I’m doing this is because the mistake I’ve made in the past is not knowing when to get out.

I’ll hang on for way too long. And speculating where crypto might go gives me an idea of when I might sell.

So when looking at Cosmos, we can see that the last bull run hit a previous high of $40. So if it were to 4X, that would be $160 coin or a $40 billion price point which I think is definitely doable here and that’s about a 12X.

Now, one of the cons with Cosmos is that compared to one of its bigger competitors, Polka Dot, it is a bit more centralized.

So Polka Dot has about 1000 validators right now running on its network. While Cosmos only has around 200.

But because of that, I’m still putting 6.5% of my portfolio into this project. Now for layer ones, the only layer one that I’m adding to my portfolio as of right now is Near Protocol.

In terms of market cap, it’s about 1% the size of Ethereum and it can process about 100,000 transactions per second.

Top 10 Crypto to Invest in 2023 for Long Term

Now, when it comes to looking at layer ones they’re technically all in competition with one another trying to get projects to build on them.

And some might say that with Ethereum’s new upgrades, all of these layers are going to be obsolete.

I don’t necessarily think that’s true because Ethereum’s updates are going to take time to roll out.

And not only is it just one update but it’s multiple updates over several years. So I do think that there is room for more layer ones not just Ethereum in the blockchain space.

And similar to Ethereum, near Protocol is using sharding which makes it to that you don’t actually have to have nodes on the network to run. Which leads to infinite scalability.

Now, last bull run it hit a $12 billion market cap and right now it’s at a $2 billion market cap which is about 6X from where it’s at now.

But I do think that if Near Protocol continues building and working on their network and getting projects to build inside of their ecosystem I think that Near can hit a $40 billion market cap. Which is about 20X from where it’s at now. And I’m putting 6.5% of my portfolio into this project.

Moving on to the final bit of the infrastructure part of my portfolio, I’m adding two projects. Both are layer two scaling systems on top of Ethereum and those are Polygon Matic and Arbitrum.

And the goal of layer two is to help scale on top of layer one. Now both of these projects do have their pros and cons.

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Polygon Matic:

Polygon is not only more secure due to its validation system, but it’s also more flexible with whatever narrative Ethereum’s new upgrade ends up taking.

So layer twos are still having to guess which direction Ethereum is going to take and Matic is doing the best in this department. Making sure they’re prepared for whatever that is.


While on the other hand, Arbitrum is taking a different approach. Arbitrum isn’t quite as fast, but it’s incredibly user-friendly.

And right now it has quadrupled the amount of dollars worth of projects inside of its ecosystem over that of Matic.

The reason why so many projects love using Arbitrum is that it uses what is called optimistic roll-up technology.

Essentially what’s happening here is they’re taking a bunch of transactions off-chain and then they combine them all into one single transaction and they’re sending it to the Ethereum network all at the same time.

And this results in incredibly low gas fees and fast transactions. That being said, Arbitrum is relying on a centralized operator to achieve this. And the project does not have a token yet.

But when it launches here, sometime in 2023, I’ll be designating 7% of my portfolio into each one of these.

And when it comes to the evaluation of Arbitrum I wouldn’t be surprised to see it evaluated close to that of a competitor called Optimism.

Right now it’s sitting at about a $600 million market cap. And keep in mind, this is still a fraction of the market cap of that of Ethereum.

Exchanges are the lifeblood of crypto and it’s the ground floor where all transactions take place. So having different exchanges inside of my portfolio is a key part of my strategy here.

Landshare Crypto Where to Buy?

Now, the first centralized exchange I’m adding to my portfolio, and it’s actually the largest crypto I’m invested in, is that of Binance specifically the BNB token.

Binance is one of the top exchanges in the world and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Although I was able to invest in Binance around the $30 price point and we saw it go up to $600 last bull run, I don’t see a 20X happening here again from where it’s at at its current price point.

But I do think a $1,500 to $2,000 BNB token is completely possible. Which is a 5X to 7X from where it’s currently set up.

I think given the circumstances of what happened in crypto in 2022 with the amount of fraud that was going on and the number of people that lost money by just putting their money on exchanges we are going to see more of an emphasis not only on decentralized exchanges, but exchanges that are more or less a hybrid going into the future.

And this is why I’m only investing 3% of my portfolio into BNB. A large decentralized exchange that I’m looking at is Uniswap.

It’s the largest decentralized exchange out there right now, and it’s built on top of Ethereum.

Despite Ethereum’s new 2.0 upgrade, it’s still making the move over to the Binance chain. And the reason is it’s trying to get more access to all of the Defi protocols that are launching on the Binance chain.

Truth GPT Crypto Update

Given this info, I think Uniswap is going to have a major part in the next bull market, whenever that’s going to happen, being the top decentralized exchange as of right now.

That’s why I’m putting 6% of my portfolio into this one. Next up, the largest crypto wallet in the world with 30 million active users, MetaMask is launching a token in mid-March and MetaMask is a company I don’t see going anywhere.

So when this token launches I plan on putting 10% of my dedicated funds into this investment.

Now, on token launches, there is always a chance that something pulls back and it might. But I think long term the MetaMask play is something that is going to make a lot of investors happy if you can get in early and if another bull run comes through in 2025.

In this next section, I’m dedicating to cryptos that have specific use cases and I’m betting on these use cases to be big come the next bull run.

First up is a project that’s been weeding the way with the supply chain in blockchain companies and that is Vechain. Vechain understands that supply chains are the veins through which our modern-day world operates but these veins can get clogged with counterfeit products.

Supply chain right now is a $12 trillion industry expected to double in the next decade. And many companies and brands have to worry about their products getting counterfeited and losing billions of dollars a year.

And companies that Vechain is already working with include Walmart China, BMW, and H&M just to name a few.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Investments For 2023

So you can track these products all the way from inception to the end consumer. Now, one of the bigger drawbacks with Vechain right now is that when you look at one of its competitors, like Hyperledger, it doesn’t have a storage centre for companies’ blockchain data.

This means that the only people who can view the data are the Vechain Foundation. Which is more centralized in that aspect and always assumes more risk.

But despite that, I’m still putting 10% of my portfolio into this company. Now, I also wanted to add a gaming Metaverse project to my portfolio as well.

One company that I’ve talked about before is Gala Games. It’s one of the bigger gaming companies out there.

What makes them stand out is not only do they have real-world game developers but they already have a handful of games that are already launched with active players under their umbrella.

But the biggest risk with any crypto gaming company is it is going to be the one that can actually compete with more traditional gaming methods like PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Because as of right now, including Gala Games, there really isn’t a game out there that people just want to play for the sake of playing.

Many people just play these games because they can earn money. Now that being said, I’m still putting 10% of my portfolio into this one. Right, no Gala games are at 5 cents.

And the last bull run hit around 70 to 80 cents. So I do think that come the next bull market if Gala Games is actually continually working on their games, I think we can see a $1.50 Gala Games come the next bull run.

Now, the last section of my portfolio I wanted to dedicate towards angel investing. And this is where I expect most of my gains to come from, but also most of my losses.

And if I were to invest in 10 projects in this section of my portfolio, I would expect five of them to completely fail and I lose all of my money.

Two of those projects would probably be close to a break even. I might make a little bit of money, I might lose a little bit of money.

Then two would be absolute home runs, or at least one would be an absolute home run that would not only carry the rest, but it would 100X to 1000X my original investment.

The first company that I originally came across, was Neural Technologies. And this is more of a blockchain-based company with a crypto token that’s going to launch sometime in the latter part of 2023.

But what makes them so interesting to me, and slightly controversial, is that you can sell your genetic makeup or buying habits really anything about you to third-party companies.

And the thing is that this is not only happening but we’re actually paying these companies in order to do this.

Let me explain. So there are companies like 23andMe or ancestry .com where you pay to get these genetic makeups and they’ll tell you where your ancestors came from.

However, we don’t know what they’re doing with the DNA that we’re sending them. And now imagine being able to make $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 a year selling this type of information.

What Is a Rug Pull in Crypto?

Now, that may not sound like a lot to you and you may be able to write it off but imagine all the people in the world that don’t have the luxury to write that off.

What if you’re only making $10,000 a year? What if you’re in poverty? Yeah, you might not be able to sell your buying habits such as, what did I purchase on Amazon last week? But you could sell something else.

And this is something that I’m really interested to see how this plays out. Another project that I’ve talked about on the channel before is called Element United.

Now, it’s a project that’s focused on eliminating the negative factors associated with gold mining.

So that includes damaging the environment, destroying communities, killing and endangering animals, and the list goes on.

And it’s partnering with goldmines and it’s saying,

“Hey, look, if you shut your doors we’re going to be able to build an ecosystem around this backed gold inside of the mine.”

I’m not gonna go too far into it. If you want to see the video I talked about it on, it’s right here. But this one is going to be a little skewed for my portfolio.

So I am saying I’m only dedicating 5% of my portfolio to it. I actually have a handful of nodes and those will make element tokens every single day.

And those are $2,500 but they have some $25 ones down below. Even if you’re playing with $100, if you wanted just one light node you could totally grab it.


And the last part of my portfolio I’m setting aside is for airdrops and meme coins. Airdrops, just projects that are going to launch throughout the year just giving away their tokens for free.

And then meme coins are just essentially tokens that have no utility but they have a possibility of appreciating in price.

Landshare Crypto Where to Buy?

I know you may be thinking, “Well why would I want to put money in meme coins?” Well, you just never know what’s going to end up taking off and it doesn’t have to have utility to make you money for better or for worse with crypto.

But arguably even more important than investing in the right projects is actually the time in which you invested.

So investing in down times when no one’s talking about crypto is usually better than when everyone starts talking about it.

And if you’re angry your favourite crypto didn’t make it into the video, comment below what it is and why I should have mentioned it.

But we still have a few months, possibly even a year or two, before this bear market fully concludes. This means that now is the best time ever to start making some money.

So you can start setting aside some of those profits for crypto or other types of investments. And that’s why you’re going to want to check out this video right here where I talk about different ways I’m making money online. Follow us on Facebook.

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