Lori Harvey tape is getting viral today, say rumours on Twitter nonetheless why do folks assume there’s a viral tape of Lori Harvey and Wendy Williams?

Gossipofthecity or Gotcitytea content quickly made its way around the internet and continued to grow. And that’s why many internet users are rushing to find out about this page.

Watch Lori Harvey Tape – Lori Harvey and Wendy Williams Tape Viral by Gotcitytea Twitter:


Who is Gocitytea on Twitter?

The Twitter web page was recently created in March 2020. Gocitytea has 2,623 Tweets and this page is growing fast as he has 136.7K Followers within a short time. He is following 142 accounts.

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Gossipofthecity mostly posts his private videos and images. Gossip of the city record name is gocitytea but he is trending with another keyword Gossipofthecity.

his record title is,


his record title is,

Gossipofthecity. pardi. Click link to follow the official Instagram account. Email tips to [email protected].

Gotcitytea has uploaded an image where he is chatting with an unknown person. The unknown person said that he has all of the le@ked videos. Gotcitytea posted,

Someone is shopping for a s3x tape of Lori Harvey. I only said Lori because I actually saw for it myself. I didn’t see the other two yet. I’ll keep you updated. And no, I won’t be posting them.

Watch Lori Harvey Tape:

You can also watch the original Gossipofthecity pictures by following this link. (Warning: NSFW content).

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