Btb Savage Robbery Video as Houston Rapper BTB Savage Reportedly Shot and Killed. It is very sad news for fans Soon-to-be-famous rapper BTB Savage was assassinated in River Oaks, Houston, on Thursday evening.

Only a few hours after he had criticized an adversary, whose death he was linked to, on social media, especially on Reddit.

Little specifics about the shooting have been revealed as of yet. On the other hand, the victim was found to have died as a result of gunshot wounds sustained during a concerted ambush that took place on San Felipe Street.


Btb Savage Robbery Video – Houston Rapper BTB Savage Reportedly Shot and Killed

Evidence that has been making its way through the media suggests that BTB Savage was parked on the side of the road in his white Mercedes Benz when, seemingly out of nowhere, a black Subaru came up behind him.

Two unknown gunmen then stepped out of the vehicle and opened fire on BTB Savage. BTB Savage was shot many times during the attack.

According to video footage of the incident that circulated on social media, BTB Savage may have sustained several gunshot wounds as a result of what may have been several assault weapons shot at his Mercedes-Benz, which was riddled with bullet holes.

BTB Savage was posting images of himself on social media just hours before the shooting, showing off his ice wristwatch while standing in a kitchenette covered in dried blood.

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According to what we have been able to piece together, the photos that BTB Savage uploaded on Thursday were shot at the location of a home invasion that went terribly wrong at his house a few months ago.

In a recent interview that the First Day Out rapper had with DJ Vlad was where he disclosed that he and his fiancée had been targeted by a group of criminals who had invaded his home on the premise of seeking a partnership. The attackers had entered his home through the back door.

Rapper BTB Savage Last Video 24hrs Before Death, He Knew Something Ain’t Right:

BTB Savage Cause of Death, Bio, Age, Real Name, Parents, Family

Nevertheless, things immediately escalated when the men tried to rob the rapper, who at the time was with his child and girlfriend.

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This caused the rapper to flee the scene with his child and girlfriend. It has been stated that BTB Savage’s girlfriend shot and killed at least one of the criminals while they were fighting over the firearms that they had stolen.

At this point, it is not known whether or not the fatal shooting that occurred at BTB Savage’s residence was connected in any way to his passing away.

BTB Savage: Houston rapper hours after mocking dead ‘opp’

Budding rapper BTB Savage was viciously gunned down in River Oaks, Houston, on Thursday evening, only hours after he had mocked a VIDEO: Popular up-and-coming rapper, BTB Savage, shot dead and in Houston.

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Popular up-and-coming rapper BTB Savage was in Houston.

Rapper BTB Savage publishes a photo of himself posing in the victim’s pool from two months earlier.

Some hours later, he is fatal. BTB Savage Reportedly Shot in Houston.

According to reports, rapper BTB Savage has been and near Houston’s River Oaks section on Thursday night.

In this clip, BTB Savage revisits the night he was a man in self-defence. The Cleveland rapper states that the incident stemmed from a. PHOTOS:

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Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Silas Kemboi, identified as the corporal police officer who pointed at Raila Odinga’s

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