American UFC Jeff Molina Video is trending today and people want to know if Jeff Molina is Bis3xual. He wore a pair of shorts with the Rainbow on them and he caught a lot of flack for that.

There are a lot of people saying you know we don’t need to see that it’s virtue singling and all this other stuff viral out of him performing an act on another male.

American UFC Jeff Molina Video – Is Jeff Molina Bisexual?

And it’s come out that he is bis3xual okay and of course, with the profession that he’s in there’s been a lot of Kickback.


There’s something else that I wasn’t planning on talking about that I am going to talk about that I’m going to admit. Alfred Kinsley very famous uh researcher s3xual researcher has studied before about male s3xuality pre-adolescents male s3xuality at least 60 percent of young males have had male intimacy 60 percent.

Chloe Bailey Swarm Scene

Then on top of that, there’s a group that they know they’re attracted to or would act or haven’t wanted there’s an additional per cent above that 60 percent they just haven’t acted on it but have considered it okay 60 percent. A lot of people say they don’t want this stuffed in their faces.


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