Tion Wayne’s phone or iCloud or something has been hacked. And all these videos have been shared onto social media. And a lot of these videos seem to be him with various women in certain compromising positions. Now you’ve got to understand right that on YouTube.

If I show you these videos unedited my article will be taken down. I’ll get a strike and I’ll be in massive trouble.


So I can’t show you them unedited without covering bits up and sometimes without taking the sound off.


Because that just seems to upset them so yeah what can I tell you is in these videos.

I mean there’s women dancing around their underwear there’s him slapping their butts there’s obviously s3x as well.

And yeah I find all this stuff really baffling because obviously one question I was.

Because did these women give their consent to be filmed did they know they were being filmed when this stuff took place.

That’s one important question the second one I always ask when this kind of stuff happens is why do you film yourselves doing this stuff.

I just don’t understand it you know who gets hot and heavy and then just before everything’s about to take off says wait let me film this quickly let me turn the ring light on quickly.

Make sure you stand there and I’ll stand here and I’ll do this and and you do that I’m gonna film it all with my phone while we’re enjoying this moment of passion.

I just don’t get why people do that and I just understand why anyone would agree to that.

You know imagine being asked you know is it okay if I film you butt [email protected] during remember to Passion you.

I mean hey it’s just a film of me [email protected] what could possibly go wrong now obviously I’m making light of it.

It’s not particularly funny especially if there’s women involved thankfully a lot of the women in these videos.

You know career destroying for a lot of them especially if they work in you know just corporate world or whatever you know these kind of things can easily be found.

But yeah it’s just it’s not good I know people were wondering what was happening with his music but uh I finally had a lot more about him and I will update this article soon.

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