The video of Kenya’s Shakilla and Lava Lava in bed became a buzz, the beauty refused to share it. She was creating online with me and Nam’s passion for the video. I would like to let it be known I am as surprised to see the video this was taken over two years ago with a third party’s phone who has not spoken or seen it in over.

Shakilla na Lavalava akiwa amevaa – The video of Kenya’s Shakilla and Lava Lava in bed became a buzz:

Shakilla said,

Here I am not going back and forth or answering any questions about this video as I’m not responsible for posting or having any engagement with the third party involved yeah

Video ya Shakilla wa Kenya na Lava Lava wakiwa kitandani yawa gumzo, mrembo huyo akana kuisambaza:

Shakilla and Lava Lava video has been a new trend but yet many users are unaware of it our team is searching for the original video.


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