Alabama boat fight video – Montgomery Alabama riverboat brawl. Somebody this time we all ain’t seen the video or the little fight brawl they tried to get down on the security to go out for doing this job and that black Unity came through.

I don’t hear any of y’all either you see what I’m saying they always talking about divide and conquer and I was talking about some black-on-black this and that.

Education is elevation man where is the bail fund for the black man who stepped up to defend the security guard in Montgomery Alabama?


Alabama boat fight video – Montgomery Alabama riverboat brawl:

The man was literally trying to do his job telling these folks to move their boat so the ferry could not privilege silly typical of people who refused to move.

And then they jumped him and when they jumped him they were not expecting other people to come out to his defense.

It’s gonna be very interesting to see how law enforcement deal with this one try that small town see a lot of us that’s born and raised in small towns already knew they’ll try to do the small town.

Those black men stood up for a black man being assaulted by white men I don’t care how bad it got they stood up and did what most of us should do every time instead of just recording the phone.

Alabama boat fight: People thrown into the water as huge brawl breaks out at Riverfront Park

One of the people there said,

The people need to keep up this exact same energy for black women too they raised how much money for Cobb they gonna need legal defense too.

And to the mayor of Montgomery Alabama, Steven Louise Weed good brother please ensure the police see how this started if black folks are being arrested and charged and all other parties need to be charged as well.

Or all charges should be dropped if you’re not locking up everybody this is not Justice I’ll go a step further if the aggressors or the start of this brawl is not treated.

As if they started a ride then I think it’s also an injustice just wanted to make sure I Amplified the message from OG Gary Chambers but listen through my lawyer partner you see what I’m saying.

CJ launched the esquired he said,

Salute to the brothers that stood up for the brother that got jumped by those men in Alabama sending all the sickness to Black attorneys and others in my network. We need to make sure these brothers have great legal representation.

He does not like it in Alabama I ain’t no lawyer at all but listen to whatever we can do to make sure the platform and the coins are put together.

Another person said,

He gonna need a lawyer definitely and our seriousness is something that made me a little irritated in that video.

Is it didn’t start to seem like it was getting out of hand until black people started to defend themselves.

You see what I’m saying the police didn’t step in you feel me until there’s some conclusion though.

Alabama boat fight: Boy, 16, is dubbed ‘Black Aquaman’ after swimming across Montgomery river to aid in brawl:

This man right here fully clothed I’m talking about hop in there like a swan jump out the water fully close your like Kev on stage said.

Man, the amount of strength it takes to swim pull yourself up then throw your hands get that young man the Congressional Medal of Honor.

I’m talking about he should get to go to the black caucus the NAACP the BET Awards all this video shows how the whole Alabama Fury brawl started.

In conclusion, right here I don’t espouse violence but I’m here for this Wakanda energy of black folks defending and protecting each other from a white gang of t3rroristic violence. Follow us on Facebook. We will update this post after getting more updates. Thanks

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